Three more people died of the H1N1 influenza Tuesday, with one death each reported from Pune, Vadodara and Mumbai, taking the total number of people killed by the viral disease to 10.
A total of 333 people have been affected by the virus in Maharashtra with Pune notching 221, Mumbai (81) and Satara (31).

This was the news heading in all TV News Channels.
This made me really made me think :
What is Swine Flu?
What are its types?
What are the symptoms?
What can we do in order to avoid/prevent it?
What to do if someone is suspected of getting infected?
From where this originated??

So I found these things from my family doctor.
What is Swine Flu?
The swine Flu that our country suffering is Swine Influenza A(H1N1) virus which was seen before in humans in U.S. and Mexico. It is a continuous swine influenza A virus that spreads very fast from one person to other.It is a disease of pigs. It spreads among pigs without any contact and so no symptoms.

What are its types?
Swine flu is a H1N1 influenza subtype and other types are h1N2,H3N1and H3N2. But the one humans are infected is not dangerous as compared to others.

What are the symptoms?
It is very difficult to distinguish between viral flu, cold flu or swine flu. As all these symptoms are common at the early stages. The basic symptoms are fever,cough,throat infection, cold,mild respiratory illness,body pain, headache,pneumonia,tiredness,chills,aching muscles,sneezing and loss of appetite. So its suggested that contact the doctor immediately. I say "Think the worst first". take these symptoms as for swine flu and consult a doctor to know more.

Even though the doctors also can't say regarding it by first sight, they need to keep a close watch on the suspected ones. There are few test that are needed to confirm whether its swine flu or not?

What can we do in order to avoid/prevent it?
The doctor, I consulted was not sure but gave me some simple basic things to avoid it:
1. Wear a mask or a handkerchief in public/crowded area.
2. Don't panic but be Alert.
3. If you know the area infected avoid going near to it.
4. Try to isolate yourself,if you live in a sensitive and suspected area .
5. Consult the doctor immediately if you see the symptoms in you or your family member.
6. If you have asthma,then go to doctor from a big hospital with proper equipments for the teating purpose.
7. Don't sneeze in open, use a proper cloth to avoid it from spreading.
8. Have a balanced diet, eat friuts.
9. Sleep well - as the time 2am to 6am (for Indians)is the time when your body gets upgradation of the immunity system.
10. Build up immunity system, as both point 8 and 9 will make you immune to this virus.

He also gave a Important list to avoid it:
1. Trust on bolied water only more than 100deg.
2. Take 2-3 leaves of "TULSI" in morning/ evening.
3. Change your clothes everyday or returning from any social / public place.
4. Whenever you come from out, please have a good wash of hands, foots and face with recommended soaps.
5. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
6. Since mask are costlier these days, please use handkerchief, scaf, and small towels.
7. If you have small baby in your home, please wash your hand throughly before taking him.
8) While driving in car, please close OUT-VENTILATOR when AC is on.
9. Bed-sheets, Sofa cover, phone Towels, Wash basic towel shold be changes in atleast 2 days.
10. Please avoid outside food like samosa, dosa, bhej etc etc etc for sometime.
11. Don't share any handkerchief or mask with anyone not even your family members.
12. Avoid going to crowded place like stadiums, big functions, vegetable market, party places(resorts,hotel,Pubs).

What to do if someone is suspected of getting infected?
The death ratio is 0.01% in out country(India) as there are not many cases of death(just 10) when we compare it to our population.
So don't panic about it, just consult the Government or Private hospital  with proper infrastructure and equipments so as to handle the case in proepr manner and carry out the test.
If proper facilities are not avialable then just keep that person isolated to avoid spreading and clean all clothes of his/her properly, give him/her a bath with boiled water, make use dettol in water or soap, don't allow that person to public place, all usage of that person must be made separate like if he/she uses tiolet then don't make other use it also. Consult a doctor immediately.

From where this originated??
People those who work and are around swine gets it faster if that swine if also suffering. Mainly veterinarians and meat processing workers are at risk of infection. But the swine farm workers are the main source for this spread as it is highly contagious. It originated from North America and spread all over the globe as infected people may migirate to other countries as well. and we have many NRI people and since we were not alert and aware of such virus so it got spread in many areas now. But government has taken a proper step to check at every airport or ports from where other people get into India.

Suppose 1 person is infected and he/she gets into a crowded place say vegetable market then 2 persons will get infected in every 10 people as other 8 have high immunity for this attact of swine flu virus. And this way it spreads and in country like India we generally don't take this seriously.

Thats why I wrote this article to make awareness regarding "Swine Flu". There is no home remedy/cure for this so we have to rely on hospitals and doctors for proper treatment.


-Atul Barapatre.

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