Cast:-Scott Adkin, Rhona Mitra, Robert Knepper

Producer:- Chris Lowenstein

 Rating:-Never watched this movie


You must have seen bad movies, very bad movies, worse movies and worst movies. But you might have not seen the movie that mock the earlier version of the movie. Well, in these category of movies include "Hard Target 2". Directed by Roel Reine. He has directed movies like Death Race 2, Drifter, 12 Rounds 2:Reloaded, etc. 

I don't know why the producer, director, crew members of HARD TARGET allowed the HARD TARGET 2 to be made. The original version was so surreal. It had the grace, the thrill, the enjoyment and above all, it entertained the audience. But the HARD TARGET 2 not only lack the above qualities, it is an illogical, poorly conceived and poor action movie. This movie is so illogical that I don't know whether I am watching a B Grade Bollywood movie or a Hollywood movie. Even a B Grade Bollywood movie has something to look forward in comparison to HARD TARGET 2. 

The plot of the movie is that the Wes Baylor killed his friend in a martial art competition. He traveled to Thailand to overcome the grief of killing his friend. There he met Aldrich (the main villain) who offered him some cash prize to fight. Wes Baylor agreed and he reached Myanmar jungle where he realized that some rich people have made him the target. He runs for his life. Ultimately Wes emerged victorious after murdering the hunters. 

The plot is filled with numerous weakness. The flaws can be listed as follows :-

1. How can a martial art fighter die in the ring while fighting his opponent? This needs serious explanation.

2. How the hero (Scott Adkins) end up in Thailand as a fighter? If he continues to to fight then he can still continue to fight in his homeland not in Thailand? Why are the Hollywood movies trying to depict Asia in the bad light?

3. Why do the rich people (read villains) wants to kill people? Are they insane or just murderer? I can't find logic in this.

4. Why Myanmar is shown in bad light by the movie?

and so on. 

Well, you need to know that making a movie is a hard and time consuming task. But that can't be excuse to make such a  worst than the worst movie to be released in the market. 

The film was supposed to be an action film. The fight sequences were poorly executed and shown except two revolving kick by Scott. There is  nothing spectacular in the movie. The gun fight scene and fight scene were choreographed hurriedly. It seemed that the action director was in a hurry to complete the sequence. 

I don't have nothing to say more than don't watch this movie even by mistake also. Lest, you will start to hate Scott Adkins for working in this movie.

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