Nokia is a Well known brand for Mobile phones.Its battery life is superb.This is the main reason why Nokia is the best brand.Also,it resistance towards any thing like shock ,water etc is best in comparison with other mobiles.

Here ,I am going to write some codes that will help you to know more about your Mobile Handset.

1. Press *#06# to know the IMEI number of your mobile phone.It will help you to in case,if you lost your mobile phone.Make a FIR and then give the details of your mobile phone and IMEI number to get the information .Customer care will help you to get your mobile.

2.Press *#7780# to reset the factory settings to defaults means if will set to default as your mobile was there at the time when you first purchase it.

3.Press any number between 1-99 then press # to see the speed dial number.It will help you to save the time.

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