What do I have to get used to that condition was the eye is already a month or less and took my vision s degree 100% is perfect mapping of retinal detachment, vitreous diagnosed but told me not anything serious but told me keep an eye if it rose back there said the flies tend to disappear with time but the reports I read on the internet is that people have more than 10 years and never disappeared.


I asked him if the computer would be one of the factors that cause you said have nothing to do but I am very much on my PC every day can not be a day without it, I am kind of surprised and scared because I have always had a perfect view.


For floaters, unfortunately often they do not disappear, but you must have mappings in the retina to prevent retinal detachment, it is important. As for its sensitivity to light, try to avoid it, and even on the computer, every hour of study or work, rest for 10 minutes.


I had vitrectomy and having a recovery excellent. Do not feel any pain or trouble and the two kingdoms are joined together. I am using silicone oil, but painted a cataract.


Do not see anything because of cataract or because of oil? The percent of vision can I recover? I had total detachment. One expert said earlier that it would have somewhere around 10%, this amounts to what degree of myopia? I can compensate with glasses or lens?


Retina - postoperative



The silicone oil is transparent, it gives you see through it, but I suppose that is preventing cataract in that moment you see. About the retina and percentages in this phase are difficult to specify, including correspondence with myopia; make monitoring indicate that. Doctor will guide you on the withdrawal of oil, the possible extraction of cataract, and when, and other parameters.

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