How to get the web resource maximum impact? This question becomes daily more urgent. A truly unique opportunity that the World Wide Web has provided businesses, made it real hard competitive arena of battle. The number of commercial sites is growing like a snowball, and each new site, "snowflake" simply lost among thousands of similar ones. At this stage the knowledge of how to allocate resources and to attract visitors to it, ready to fly the proposed product is of particular importance. So there was a new science - kibermarketing.
Forward to civilization - features a promising site

Virtual world, opening up tremendous prospects in terms of profit, every day makes all the more stringent requirements for their "people" - Sites. The situation here is twofold. On the one hand, in an effort to provide maximum comfort to its users, the Internet has evolved from a wild natural bazaar to the civilized market. On the other, - the users themselves are becoming more sophisticated and discriminating in their choice.
That the site was popular and would bring a return in our time is not enough to host a lucrative offer. The era of wild and naive buyers market has passed, primitive sites, "huts of the natives today are replaced by full-resources" Comfortable hotel "where the visitor does not stop when necessary, but because it gets out there a wonderful" holiday with all amenities "(goods, services, information), plus an aesthetic delight. This site has a clear purpose, is designed for specific audiences, has an attractive design and convenient navigation, it "guesses" thoughts and preferences of the visitor, giving him what he seeks and unobtrusively "leads" to his goal - implementation of the proposal. As a result - and the visitor happy, "interesting, useful and profitable tour, and the site owner in the black.

Knowledge - force

The establishment of such sites and their management - is a serious responsibility job that requires careful research and thorough analysis, based on lies deep understanding of the principles of the existence of the Internet environment and the use of marketing tools. As a result, today we are witnessing the formation of a new discipline - kibermarketinga, which is precisely the answer to the question of how to get from the web resource maximum impact. Kibermarketing already has amassed a very respectable luggage is very specific, sometimes unique knowledge that make the site really effective. Therefore, at this stage of rapid development of the Russian sector of the internet knowledge at least the basics kibermarketinga becomes a necessity for anyone who wishes to obtain vysokoposeschaemy, competitive, and most importantly, profitable site. Where do you find this knowledge?
Let me teach!

Full online education in today kibermarketinga as such is missing, but the trend to its creation there have been quite explicit. The need to bring together knowledge and experience in the field of promotion of web resources and present them in a training course was realized in the free seminars held company NetPromoter and UnMedia. The closest the seminar series analysis, promotion and management of resources on the Internet "will be held December 8 at Central House of Tourists. Their knowledge with participants to share leading experts in the field kibermarketinga.
Workshop participants will learn about trends in Runet, its features and capabilities, will gain knowledge of strategies to promote the resources and insight into the secrets of search engine optimization sites. Also, they see the practical application of special software tools NetPromoter, for the analysis, search engine promotion and monitoring sites. Participants will be able to communicate with professionals and get answers to their questions on the topic of the seminar.

Be the first

The seminar will be useful and interesting to all who wish to keep abreast of developments in the field of promotion of sites on the Internet, anyone who wants to learn new effective methods of fighting for the end user and leave the competition far behind. Visit the seminar will show the correct ways to improve the resource to extract the maximum benefit. Whether you work on your own website or a client - acquired knowledge will be important advantage.
Marking the beginning of the Enlightenment in the field of high-grade high-performance web-based resources and management of Internet business, the seminar will give participants the opportunity to be among the first to understand the science and kibermarketinga obtained using techniques to lead a competitive race.

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