What is a printer?

These act as typewriters, ie empty the information contained in the main memory on paper. And fall into three main types:

Dot matrix printers

They are the fastest and sold, good to work with common office supplies, although the noises are more economical and cheaper to print on the market.

And are called so because its printing system is based on the same typewriter, or a roll, plain paper, an inked ribbon, but instead of a wedge with the font is replaced here by a head needle, which come out in vertical sequence twinge of points to form the letter.

They do this line by line by letter word by line. As you can observe at any time, do it so fast you barely see how to be drawing the line that points away from typical office computer noise.

The measure of speed and quality is the number of characters printed per second, the median price and speed of sound is 260 and 350 CPS. These characteristics make the needle printers most useful and economical in the daily work of an office or business.

Inkjet printers

They work much like the dot-matrix, only instead of needles are tiny micro tubes tens of times thinner than a human hair shed where small jets or droplets of ink from touching the paper and form a dispersed image Text very good quality, although they are cheap are usually slower than the needle, but has the great advantage of managing high quality, even of the most popular colors are mostly in professional, school and home.

For a reasonable price you can find printers such as color can be a very good percentage of fidelity to a real picture 720x720 DPI (dots per inch).

Currently there are printers for printing color photographs as it is:

Which can achieve an average price of 300 dollars

Similarly, it is currently available printers are very good quality and a lower price such as:

Which can be achieved by an average price of 100 dollars.

Laser Printers

Here the system is totally different from the others and is somewhat similar to a traditional copier, or paper with a magnetic powder-fine ink which, when melted with a laser beam creates an unparalleled quality paper that comes to reaching the 600 DPI.

While still falling rapidly in price, are more expensive per print, but the only ones with quality printing, is a tool for printing, photo editing or graphic design business. The speed of these as the inkjet is measured in sheets per minute.

Printers like this currently cost about 400 dollars.

But now you can get a color laser printer as follows:

Printers like this one are on the market cost about 2000 dollars.

The Plotters

Large printers are based on color pen nibs that allow architects and engineers to turn a plane or trace lines in the memory of your computer on a real high level, ready for shipment, saving them using sophisticated tools to the design of hand levels as necessary for reproduction.

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