For girls its that they cannot make golrotis...that is circle shaped chapatis.

In India, most of the girls stay away from kitchen in the morning hours so that they are not sent to make breakfast and specially circle shaped chapatis ...the most difficult task to do...and if its not circle shaped then they have to listen words that are hard to hear..Cry


For housewives they do not get free coriander or dhaniya with the vegetables they buy from the vendor.

Once my aunt went to the vegetable shop to buy veggies she thought that he would give something free or in discount but it does not happen..she was annoyed when she got nothing in hand when we left the shop.


For old minded people they say what people will say?

In India , old and people with old ideology says : don't do this or don't do that what people will say?

They do not want people to say something behind their backs and yes that will lead to a very difficult life as when you think about people they even do not want you to be happy and thus leads to a very difficult life.


For mobile users they do not get chargers everywhere.

In India , people are mostly engaged in mobile and smartphones so if they do not get chargers around they will be getting blue people who do not want to live a life so easily. My brother gets mad when he does not get his charger and the mobile charging is low ...


For families they are overcrowded by relatives at any family occasions.

You never know how many relatives you have seen in any of your family occasions as such you will see new relatives every time . And that too overcrowded by unknown far related relatives so next time keep an eye on your relatives you never know they might be some other unknown people in your family occasions


For boys when there crush calls them brother.

Indians specially boys are very sensitive when their crush calls them brother and it feels like she has targeted the heart with a poisonous arrow but yet they smile and later forget about her and starts to search another girl and they are stone hearten as well but still most humorous and smiling every time that's what keep their lives going on.




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