If you think logically politicians are smartly diverting our focus on Hinduism for vote bank. Public thinks our leader are so nationalist but they aren't aware of political agendas. If you need to understand politics you have to think like politician. We all know hindus are in majority and population of india is increasing day by day which may cause growth in poverty and unemployment,lack of facilities are the most important topics to be discussed but our leaders and paid media's never discuss on such main issues of our country. Constructing ram tenples, abrogation of 370 article, bringing NRC, CAA is appreciable but why our leaders are not focusing on Economical development. I think leaders should focus more on development not on religion. Development is the growth of nation. Religion issues should not be the main topic. Learn from Isreal, America how they developed their nation in shortage period of time but our india is still  in developing stage. This is because of not giving importance on economic growth. 

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