2019 was the time of TypeScript. Not just has TypeScript become the defector decision for adding information types to JS code, numerous designers are regularly choosing for use it over vanilla JavaScript for both individual undertakings and at work. 


In the Stack Overflow Overview delivered right off the bat in 2019, TypeScript was tied for second with Python as the most adored language, falling just behind Rust. It wouldn't be astounding to see TypeScript climb significantly higher in the new overview delivered in mid 2020. 


TypeScript has devoured the web advancement world — both for the frontend and backend. A few designers attempted to excuse TS as a prevailing fashion and figured it would go the method of Coffee script, yet TypeScript has demonstrated to take care of a center issue for JS engineers and appears to just be filling in utilization. 


TypeScript gives web developer a superior designer experience with combinations for all significant content tools. JavaScript designers see TypeScript as a device that outcomes in less bugs while likewise being simpler to peruse code with the kinds and item interfaces offering self-documentation. 


It's important exactly how well known TypeScript has become with it passing Respond in NPM downloads in 2019. It additionally has definitely more downloads than contenders like Stream and Reason. 


TypeScript and Respond take care of completely various issues, so this isn't intended to be an immediate correlation. It is just a showing of the prevalence of TypeScript.

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