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Hi All,

We are pleased to announce another contest Member of the Week. The primary requirement for entering into this contest and becoming a winner is the maximum number of points. Please read the below terms and conditions.

  1. The contest starts on Monday and ends on Sunday (Monday 1:30 PM IST). The winner name will be published on following Sunday. Please make a note of time, it is the server time counted and not your computer's. The server time is GMT-5.
  2. The points earned with the following activities are considered while deciding the winner.
    • Forum posts and replies
    • Article Posting
    • Article Reading (Minimum time between each point is 1 minute)
    • Community Activities
    • Games Activities
    • Posting & Reading reviews
    • Documents submission

    All other activities are not considered for this contest.
  3. All boddunan general terms and conditions applicable.

Leader: Rs.50
Next Four in leader board: Rs.25 each
Next Five in leader board: Rs.10 each

[strike]Note: A user cannot get this award more than once in TWO successive weeks even if he become top points earner. The next highest point earner will be considered for that week award. This is to increase the healthy competition and give a chance to other members who cannot score quickly.[/strike]

All the best to you.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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nice to hear the new context from u. This is increase the participation of the members :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
its sounds good
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
It is a good contest. Through this active members will definitely increase..

Thanks Maverick for introducing this contest.

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Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
MAverick this step will definitely engage members in different sections of Boddunan instead of clicking polls only
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
This is a good contest. Apparently, most of the activities except poll and document submission are covered.

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Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh, Parkash Golay
Its really very best contest in the boddunan can we see points who is leading in the this contest.
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
It is really good contest and instructions are very clear one .

With Regards
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
its really good to listen and even exciting one
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
another good thing is that the points earned through polls are not included
Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
Happy to hear about one more contest in boddunan..
This will surely increase the site participation in quality more than quantity as guidelines are well structured...

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Thank you said by: Santhanu Suresh
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