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Hi All,

Welcome to the Boddunan Revenue Sharing program. As usual let us start with the eligible member list without delay.

sasi1021------------10117 (10 shares)
ceeem------------7019 (7 shares)
ingenioustech------------6917 (6 shares)
Sandhya Rani------------5356 (5 shares)
vinodh------------5197 (5 shares)
ram------------5102 (5 shares)
sarala------------4974 (4 shares)
deven.rana------------4508 (4 shares)
sureshkumarn------------4381 (4 shares)
Bala------------4035 (4 shares)
shanky0591------------4003 (4 shares)
arun------------2314 (2 shares)
gkajmani------------2225 (2 shares)
Nutalapati------------2021 (2 shares)
vimala81------------2010 (2 shares)
rockstar1------------1854 (1 shares)
vmayur------------1531 (1 shares)
Khali------------1457 (1 shares)
kalyani------------1435 (1 shares)
swethashenoy------------1377 (1 shares)
santoshkumarsingh------------1190 (1 shares)
vaishnavi_vijay------------1021 (1 shares)
tjain316------------1018 (1 shares)
Alam----------------(1 Share)

Congratulations to all of you.

Now let us go into the revenue sharing details.

The total amount earned by boddunan during last month: Rs.8736 ($182)
Total Revenue Sharing: Rs.2620
Revenue Per Share: Rs.34.9 (75 Shares)
Total Moderator Bonus: Rs.436

Congratulations once again and wish you all the best for this month.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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Congrats to all winners. Thanks to admin for announcing the result soon. :)

Congratullation to all winners and special congratulation to sashi for 10 share good work

Santosh Kumar Singh


Congratulation to all winners and this month total 75 shares earned.This is nice.
Hearties congratulation to all winners. Hope the site will be activated more and overall income of the site and members will increase.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

Congratulations to all....i see more active members getting the reward this month.........

Congurats to all selected members for the Revenue sharing program.I feel bad to see my name at last position.Lets hope to see at first in next Months with a larger share than ever.
I think ingenioustech,sureshkumarn,Nutalapati,shanky0591 are new name in the list so extra congrats for them.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Thank you said by: smriti jha
Congratutes to all the winners of revenue sharing and specially sasikanth as he has earned 10 shares.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Congrats to all winners this time share is reduced. :) :)

Earn money just for joining in this site.

I think ingenioustech,sureshkumarn,Nutalapati,shanky0591 are new name in the list so extra congrats for them.

Me too Santhosh :)
I am also a new comer.
ingenioustech is smriti

Meera sandhu
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