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Maverick was in this thread one month ago!Why no updates comes from admins?

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This is truly strange and this slackness has been all over these days! What is the reason?
Already 1 month over but there is no announcement of winners of both contests.

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Boddunan has been going through one of the most unusual phases and there is none to come out with any reply!
Now a days admin are so busy i submitted my articles 10 days back but i kept pm to maverick also but no reply from him.

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Even the presence of some of our moderators are almost non-existent!
Why this type of ignorance in these days.It will affect the credibiolity

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Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners.

Winner - Ajay
Runners - Abid and Kalyani


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Thank you said by: Sasikanth
Thank you maverick for announcing it today. Congratulations to all winners and good luck for the other participants.
Congratulations to the winners Special congrats for ajay.

But he is out of the boddunan this is sad news.

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