Most people enjoy while signing on any paper.They are alert,conscious and totally concerned while signing any paper or document.It is because of the fact that while signing your muscles are coordinated in a more or less writing movement.Just like fingerprints,no two handwritings are identical due to different types of strokes,sizes,formations,margins,rhythms,space,loops,crossings,slants,angles,pressure, under-strokes,etc,etc.

Signature is a spontaneous photograph of your mind and every stroke and curve reveals hidden talents and passions of a person.As a signato-expert,I generally demand three consecutive signatures of a person who wish to get analysed through signature analysis.

The reason behind taking three signatures is obviously psychological because while signing the first signature,the person is extra conscious of strokes and generally tend to boast about himself and this characteristics is seen amongst nearly 60% of the society's white-collared gentlemen.While signing second and third signatures,the person is much more relaxed and one can clearly sense the 'relaxed' signatures.These 'relaxed' signatures reveals a lot about the person's characteristics,personality,other traits,etc.

While recruiting a candidate,it is very essential to scan his 'actual'personality before appointing him and I personally feel that the use of signature analysis during interviewing phase can drastically reduce the employer's burden as the personality traits gets highlighted  in this study. 

Here,I would like to assert that apart from personality traits,a person's social life can also be studied through signature analysis.Unfortunately,In Asian countries,it is till today a dormant subject for further analysis and studies.

Signature analysis should be used as a guiding star for all the person concerned and should be done under normal conditions only.A signature is the writer's visiting card.Its a projection of himself to the outside perceives the way we want the world to see us but it is not necessarily the way we are. If the signature is the same as the rest of the writing,i.e,if the size,style,slant,pressure,spacing are almost the same, then this means that the person behaves the same way in public as in private.If you have healthy self-confidence in public,your signatures will be as large as,or,slightly larger than the rest of your writing.

When a person signs any important document,I term that act as volcanic eruption because it clearly reflects emotional outburst in it and the flow and pressure does the rest by emphasizing the person's mental situation at that time.

Its really an interesting tool to study a person's psychological and professional behaviour and can be used for healthy development of the society. 

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