The term space exploration associates many imaginable as well as unimaginable ways of thinking deeply into an area of the unknown. Space is full of inevitable certainties were taking off new and innovative ideas comes about through a preview of humans like the seamless rivers flowing through its course without any thought of possible hindrances. It is not so. Space has no beginning and it has no end. It is ultimate and it is infinite. At least it is out of human comprehension. So far many such ideas of space exploration which gives adequate space for food of thought of deeper linking of the human mind to its mere existence to freely-associate entire lifespan of human life in totality. Living in space is now a thought which is there since time immemorial and has been continued to create more possibilities to provide room for future manned missions. 

It is a billion dollar question cropping to many ethical mindset from time to time about why such huge dimensions of spending in space exploration and spending of is much brilliant mind in searching for an outer space which is still not clear and many people still not considerably satisfy with the notion of completely manned mission in future times. Be it for scientific or travel enthusiastic, the entire domain of space relates to infinity and the entire space could not be traversed in a single life span. Space is vague and no one could think that in a single life span even one could reach another solar system easily. Then how come one is going to search for another life planet and then began to journey there and reach to these hinterlands to have better earth from there. Why not create the present planet beautiful and more resourceful as there are still many problems in the earth which can be solved at first instances. 

Discovery of new ideas: 

There are many contradictions, but the path to find an outer space. Life planet and prepare for manned mission are still on. The cost of such space voyage is on the higher side, but still it seems the world is always keen to hear what happens to the next and when some other planet similar to Earth could be there. Are we alone in the entire universe or there are some other living species who are more developed than us? Man is a rational animal. He continues to hunt for answers still unsolved mysteries are solved completely to its fullest satisfaction. It is the way of life and for this there are many contradictions and antithesis for space exploration but there is no huge road block attached with it. Many philosophers have been giving many ethical answers to solve various unanswered mysteries of life, yet most of the time all these answers reaches to the boiling point of a single term that is a discovery. Discovery of new ideas leads to mass generation of exploration. 

In the former instances, when it seems the earth is not round to many and for this they did not go beyond their own land areas. There are some brave people who began their voyage journey and began to discover many different continents. People earlier believed that the earth is like a plate and when someone reached to its edge then there are chances of falling down in space and that creates the fear. There are some other persons who go beyond it and wanted to remove the cursing fear from minds of humans by courageously covering entire land of earth and reach at different continent and prove that earth is not shaped like a plate as many imaginary thoughts liked to be believed then. That is why many unfinished thoughts about particular notion come from which generates into the boiling point of discovery. These are not examples to convince the readers about space exploration. 

Clue to find lifespan over light year of distances: 

Space exploration is itself creates magic within minds of people who want to see the universe beyond the earth. There are many cosmologist who believes that human race must explore the world as no one knows when the earth could becomes similar to other planets where there would be difficult for living species to stay afloat and for this and for future generations to survive human race must explore all possibilities beyond earth. There are numerous optimist theoretical physicists who believe that one day human race will find a clue to conquer life span over light years of distances. Space scientists with the help of medical scientists are constantly exploring such possibilities of prolonged sleep and instantly alert of humans while travelling into the world. Some considers space flight could be the new dawn of the modern age. They think culture comes and goes and these are not permanent entities. Space consists of matter which is at its best form in the earth.

Every instance has a life cycle and probably the earth should have. Humans must search for better alternatives to make another living space beyond earth. These thoughts are beyond all rationales and any law of natures but still from the great opening out of mind and spirit can lead to the beginning of a new age. There could be one such time when the scope of religion probably ends and the people want to transcend into different facets of life and want to move beyond different locations of space in order to find complete solace within deeper integration of solar forces. Some consider the crossing of space may open out human mind which was never ever been opened in an earlier time. We consider every aspect of life in terms of the theory of elasticity, which means everything has some limit and beyond that stretching point the end comes about. Can the space divide the time of lifespan into such other denominations so that humans can survive beyond natural average ages? 

In ancient scriptures of saints used to survive for a thousand years and probably they traveled different planets and won the limit of time and creates infinity of living the life which is beyond any human’s comprehension in the present time. Can space exploration provide sufficient safety values that can preserve entire human civilization? Space exploration is difficult and it is always nice to choose the difficult path as it creates and measures optimal energy of humans and feed the latent elasticity points of humanity beyond any controllable points. These are challenges where we always willing to accept and there is no winner as it asks for team work and considerable unison among different cosmologists and physicists. Space is there, but we cannot climb it as these are not mountains. In some earlier scriptures, we found some mythological characters climb up in space with the help of bigger ladder. It is not laughable, but the author at least imagined such space of the universe where there is the complete urge to reach there. 

Every scientific great achievement comes from the very notion of fiction: 

There are few significant technologies to master before a manned mission is possible for advancing space-exploration. In this segment monkey and dogs are first to reach space. The earth is a close container in the entire spectrum of space. In Earth’s atmosphere, everything is regulated and for this very reason there is no significant change of dynamics of flight mechanisms when aeroplanes tend to fly easily within specified atmospheric area of earth. The first manned space voyage began in 1961, but the planning and execution of such visit began almost 50 years ago prior to it. Every great scientific achievement comes from the very notion of fiction. During that time, many people are inclined to think these are some of the most advanced maniac thinking.

When all these come true people tend to be towards surprising mode and try to praise all these unbelievable achievements. In 1898, H.G. Wells published best seller ‘The War of the Worlds’ which astonished many and has been a primary inspiration for many cosmologists as well as many physicists. It inspired plural of students to go and study astrophysics. This inspires Robert Goddard to study mechanics of rockets and he propelled the first idea of a liquid-fueled rocket in his most revered paper publish in 1919 namely ‘A method of reaching extreme-altitudes’. In fact much of the preliminary stage of successful space-exploration comes from these ideas in this book which inspires generations of scientists till-to-date. In the space-frontier, the ability to mobilize available resources with a united and precision mindset probably leads the aspiration with a defined leadership to discover new frontiers outside solar system.

The case for space exploration failure is not an option. It would deal with life and ambition of human beings which always want super successes irrespective of time and duration of history. It needs superb educational excellence on the part of scientific communities to push for supported space vision consists of generations of aspirations and ambitions of human beings. There are many critics and supporters of this theory but what is most surprising aspect of this vision is that most times, citizens used to support such mission. Irrespective of the manner and accountability issues related to huge financial demands times. Citizens of developing economies still want excellence to uncover the mystery behind unknown space entities. 

Public support for future space missions: 

Human beings take proud of reaching to Mars planet by any country irrespective of their enmity of friendly ties. We do not even have an iota of an idea about whether living beings are there on other planets of our own solar system. We are still ignorant about the solar system and that brings many ambitions whether there is life outside our space or not. Some rich nations want to spread their colonization ambitions to other planets and stars and want to station there and want to win space flight from among immediate competitors. There are many critics who would straight forwardly reject all such ambitions in a complete manner, but that is not going to do the best for all these future space missions. In fact, most times, these space missions are carried on the thoughts of all mystic and imaginary novels from various talented successful novel writers and in fact they show the new way to human beings where all such directions become absurd at one point of time. There are critics to space exploration but fortunately their vices go behind huge support from public and that creates definitely the most vibrant way to posses and advance for future space missions. 

Where are the answers to win life over duration of light years? 

Human beings are by nature, rational in thought processes and this creates many difficult understandings of how lives and planetary work and this creates more possible ways to discover additional ways to innovate same lives elsewhere around the universe. There are many critics who ask for realness of finding life at some other solar systems and possibly at some distant galaxies which are billion miles away from Earth. Human lives have limitations of ages and thus it has limitations of time which could not be fulfilled while crossing within our own solar system. Then, who come with such little life duration we can transcend barriers of ages to across millions of light years to reach some other limitations were probably there could be signs of life.

First we have to win the life duration while travelling and searching for additional life planets. Cosmonauts who would be embedded within such lengthy space flights must have endurance and a strong motive to stay alone for rest of their life. Still to date, there is complete difficult to perform manned mission around the universe. It needs thoughtful mind and probably the most politically correct leadership to plan for such missions. Many pundits would definitely predict few years back that United States is going to lead such mission but with due cruse of time many developing countries such as Russia, China and India have been giving strong and deterrent speech to put forth a strong space mission and most of times their missions are more successful that United States. 

Question marks on united space exploration programs: 

These countries have never ever sought help from the United States to unravel their space missions and they have been doing it consistently all throughout and performing such space missions with a high rate of success. Recently, India successfully completed its Mars mission with utmost precision and accuracy which no other state of the earth able to achieve at such credit. India’s ambitious space mission guarantees, that it is cost effective and bears low pricing as well as it becomes one of the most surprising aspect of change in reaching to Mars orbit through a different mode of transnational routes. It surprises many experienced countries that have been seeing the failures in reaching to Mars orbit time and again.

This leads us to create the notion of idea that anything can be a possibility and with a proper imagination plus innovative ideas we can reach out to unfamiliar destinations easily. It goes on to show yet there are many challenges to United States leadership which creates much anticipated friendly rivals to reach out to space. There are enough evidence worldwide that there are hardly any chances of united space travel voyage programs from diverse leading nations all around the world. Now, these nations are competing with each other to reach out to unknown territories so that in future when there is united space exploration then the expertise on different fields experienced by these top nations will definitely help immensely to worldwide and other nations in order to transcend barriers of uncertainties that are clouded with different arena of universe.

Space exploration is the rarest of rare of its kind where there have been many instances of how such difficult endeavors are slowly converting into a much anticipated story of successes of all time. On the contrary, the business associated with space exploration is harder as it involves a greater degree of risks and other unending problems that can happen to any such voyages at any point of time. Most of space explorations are associated with the most robust vision of space associated with the power of vision with the widespread belief which is utmost affordable and must agree with the percentages of successes which are imperative for a successful space program. 

On the other hand, many scientists and astrophysics believe true innovations deals with audacious investments and new strategies with maximum support for unending failures to succeed in the larger effort. By simply searching for ‘great scientific innovations’ on Google, author finds some rare innovations syndromes which begin with complete imaginary thesis to be developed into one of the most pertinent and wonderful innovations of all times. Innovations do not come that way and does not reach to reality within the shortest possible time and there has been instances of how within life time of many scientists full with some pertinent and ambitious discoveries. 

Survival of life is the ultimate development of matter: 

There are three drivers of support which augment scientific mind to go for profitable innovations. It starts with the concept of national and regional security. If economic status of country increases beyond imagination and touches the magnitude where there is always something spend at hand gives more information relates to scope for newer innovations. In addition to this the praise and royalty of citizens as well as of administrators gives exclusive access to inseparable conclusion of gratifying innovations relates with space exploration to most inescapable conclusion. 

Then the questions arise why did you put the vision to the tables at most times, the environment and economic health of countries enable a greater environment for many to deal all odds to win back the rates of innovation. The real answer to this query relates to that the new generation of investors deals with practical approach to investment which relates to understanding of exact space exploration and dealing with textbook analysis of complete space project. It is the space vision that matters to laymen which deals with simple understanding of the complete process of space voyages and a good vision with well documented and clear idea can significantly increase scientifically and technologically driven space-vision. 

It all started with supersonic speed with which US space mission achieved stupendous success within the last 40 years. It transcends different barriers of human ambitions by expanding the desire to reach Moon, and performing robotic surveys into Sun, the master of the solar system. Its space missions compelled some rare visions of planets through different orbiting imaging technologies, which perform at the superb guidance of power flight and direction to expand human thinking processes. Due to principal robotic mission to space human race knows about scanty resources of the presence of water from deep inside crust of Moon, Mars and one sub-planet of Jupiter. 

Can life survive without the presence of an atmosphere?

Water is the basis of life. It is the principal ingredient for survival of life in scantiest form of an atmosphere. Throughout the world, survival of life is the ultimate development of matter. We all know that in order survives life inside any planet the most common factor of means is the presence of an atmosphere. Atmosphere is an insulated environment which protects inmates from singular vagaries of universal extreme conditions. Earth has such an atmosphere which protects human race and other living beings from affecting outside energies which are mostly destructive in character. 

Are there some other forms of life which can be termed as aliens which can tolerate all such extreme climates? Can any life survive without oxygen? These are all very difficult and pertinent questions that cannot be answered or is very difficult to find exact responses to all these difficult forms of the origin of life. But for sure it is inevitable that scientist’s communities must think beyond and must realize that some other forms of life can live without oxygen. All these might seem to be some pigment of imagination, but in reality everything is possible in the vast world of the universe. In reality, so far we know real minute version of universal and there are miles to go for completion of all learning of the universe. 

Following the light of the Sun, we left the Old World: 

When Columbus took his famous voyage in search for India during the 15th century ultimately lands at a modern United States, and prior to the journey he famously quotes. “Following the light of the Sun, we left the Old World”. Similarly, during the course of 21st Century it is expected that most of world’s greatest exploration will be around the means of space voyage where human race will try with absolute certainty to find about different mysteries of universe and try to solve these mysteries one by one and resting some to be solved by next generations. Today, human race is empowered with all sorts of scientific excellence to find out the real truth behind the existence of life inside the entire universe. powerful telescopes compounded with various robotic missions synergism all possibilities of finding life beyond the solar planets.

There are some indications of life within other galaxies million of light years. The failure of Columbia and Challenger space shuttles also crude reminder of inherent threats and risks associated with the space programs. It taught us how to learn from mistakes and find out different perspectives of life through different dynamic means to conquer lost challenges. Among different living beings on earth, human race is weakest and it is evident from the birth of children as human child depends heavily from his close relatives for some ages after the birth was as any other child of different species stands tall within some hours. 

Space vision is the white paper of converting vision to reality: 

What makes humans different from other races is the ability to take into account reasonably and use all forms of mind for better utilization of all available resources. For humans nothing is impossible and there will be one day humans will be for sure to conquer most parts of the universe. The fundamental aim and goal of the space program are to develop superior robotics element that can act similar to humans and can stay energies and live in terms of methodological point of view for a long space journey. First aims are to create a complete and expected human return from Moon and that can make more possible and prepare a dashboard for further prolonged space voyages. Nanobots are example of a hybrid race of humans and robots. It can sustain limited existence of human beings and can sleep for prolonged hours during unending space journeys. 

Additional aspects of successful space program are to create an environment of international and commercial participation within ambit of scientific, security and economic interest fields. Alternatively, space vision is the white paper of converting vision to reality. Every aspect of the space program relates with imaginary visions and that can be turned into unique aspects of vision that can be clamored with prosperous realities. More and more manned and robotic space exploration within our own solar system should be done with prominent visions and attendance of functional aspects of the realities of life. Undertake these missions to Mars and nearby solar planets and all these space missions should provide practice fields for future interstellar space missions. Ours biggest failure of a space mission is to completely miss the bus after successful space mission to Moon.

We can compensate for this entire mismatch with more and more missions to Moon and make the moon a virtual international space station (ISS) to duck further space missions from that sub-planet. Moon is nearer to us and its surface it is a good idea to study further about different space approaches and presence of bacteria and other destructible elements. Experimentation within surface of the moon can probably give adequate clue about, possible support for sustained human space exploration to Mars and beyond. Reaching to Mars and invests its surface about the presence of life can provide access to the evolution of life within the universe and understand history of the solar system and constitute distinct ideas for future space explorations. Many different space missions in different countries are contemplating about the constitution of soil of the planet Mars. 

Somewhere, something incredible waiting to be known: 

Similarly, during these times some inward scientific discoveries and experimentation have to be done. Such as auto power generation from self-renewal sources of energy, containing propulsion forms of energy sources, constant life support technologies such as nanobots, and artificial intelligence are key ingredients to creating and form longer space voyages in order to conquer the unending task of the limitless universe. Apart from this, it requires from generations of scientists to develop and build new generation space exploration vehicle that can absorb no consumption of fuel and a high degree of mass with easier crew transportation from one planet to the other. In the first instance, astrophysicists must devise strategies to evolve mass medium of transportation between Moon and Mars. This will reduce virtual barrier in space voyage and encourage space shuttles to launch a wider spectrum of space explorations much beyond our own solar system.

Space explorations must begin from International Space Stations (ISS) which should provide wider and easier access to launch the space shuttle to the universe. This will make transportation of cargo to different planets an easy option and easily the cost-benefit analysis of entire space exploration can be easily calculated with equal ease and determination. It is wiser to pursue opportunities for united space exploration program for union of the entire level of systematic ideas. Carl Sagan told. “Somewhere, something incredible waiting to be known. ” entire comprehension of the working of Cosmos, striven to drive and wipe out the menace of thoughts that has been crippled within space and mind of humans that could provide sufficient answer to diligent questions about the notion is we alone. If we are alone in the entire universe, probably we are the best race of all kind. But before reaching to this conclusion in full scale and whole heated manner we have to find out the reason behind this and find out and ascertain the fact that we are alone in the entire universe. 

Search for earth-like atmosphere and environment: 

Surprisingly, we cannot have to look to heaven for answers as there is no shortcut to this. It is the universe which is being shown in a meaningful way through the atmosphere during a clear night sky. We have been experiencing many possible explorations of the universe during our life time. Probably, within our lifetime we could reach the answer of how life began and how the universe began from the state of boiling point. It is the sense of exploration and discovery which mobilizes universe and creates and adds more rational to the minds of individuals. Scientists are beginning to find new forms of life in never imagined inhospitable environments. This surprise many and now a new school of thought emerging about the evolution of such lives which can withstand in a completely other form of environmental conditions which is just opposite to what human races believed to be living inside atmosphere of Earth. 

There are some forms of life there exist in the crust of the moon. The Moon is believed to be devoid of any form of oxygen and how life there is existing without oxygen which worries many scientists. Similarly, in a new environment completely opposite to Earth, water is found inside deep crust of Mars. This is going to be wider spectrum of discussion as where there is water. Life is there and this raises many eyebrows how is life is going to survive without trace of oxygen inside Mars. Together these findings indicate that the universe is more habitable than it was earlier expected to be. In earlier school of thoughts, it was believed that the only source of life is earth-like atmosphere and environment. Scientists have a tendency to search for life planets considering similar earth-like environment. Recent data from robotic missions prove that there are certainly some other aspects of conditions where life exists and this is going to be more productive and prudential for future space explorations.

Fallacies of truth: 

This negates the earlier conceived notion that the universe is a dry and lifeless entity and at the beginning of evolution and in the future more and more life planets are going to happen all around different solar systems. In the beginning of space exploration prime target is to cross and when the boundaries of neighboring planets. It is the first extreme importance to reach out to diverse planets of ours won solar system. New robotics missions need to be attended in order to pacify different spaces of the universe. The next move is to install strong telescope at different extremes of planets of our own solar system in order to find out more information about life planets of other solar systems. It is estimated that the first human mission beyond the scope of man will be on the basis of accumulated experiences gained from manned mission of moon and readiness of technologies that can harbor potential possibilities of further space exploration. Mission to the moon will go to be test bed for success stories for further future space missions.

There were many untold myths about not continuing mission to the moon which started in the early sixties. Some say cosmonauts encountered with aliens stationed in the moon and they were cautioned aggressively not to reach there at any point in time. These are all fallacies of truth which were never accepted or denied from thoughtful scientific communities. It is of absolutely essential to understand the imminent risks associated with a manned space mission. No future mission to space is possible without completely confident of safe return to inmates of space shuttles. Still to date, we are not sure about possible hazards that are waiting for you while we land there and that to mitigate any sort of complexity of returning back to earth again from Mars. Sometimes we think we are alone in the entire universe and some other times there are some signs of incidents we feel we are not alone in the entire universe and these ideas are really the most confusing and fearful demons which confronted with severity of reasonable human beings. 

Existence of life: 

Past space missions to Mars and Jupiter confront the idea of presence of enormous water in three different moons of Jupiter as well as presence of liquid water inside Martian surface. This tends us to believe the presence of life or probable presence of the continuance of life in its primitive forms at these locations. There is some entirely frozen ice, in a moon of Jupiter which is going to provide much needed ingredients of foods for far-wide space explorations in the future beyond the boundaries of our own solar system. The most interesting sub-planet of the solar system is Titan which is a moon of Saturn. NASA's unmanned space vehicle Cassini is on its way to Saturn and about to reach nearer to Titan, the most interesting aspect of Titan is that it has an earth-like insulated atmosphere and the entire planet is full of icy waters all around it. It is completely different from three moons of Jupiter which have the same ice surface but these three moons do not hold any atmosphere.

According to the older school of thought of the existence of life, that requires an earth-like similar atmosphere to obstruct different toxic elements arising out of the atmosphere. Our solar system has nine planets which are revolving around the sun. They are tied with gravitational power originating from Sun and orbits in a certain specified way from time immemorial. Still that dates we are certain that our solar system is unique one. But with the development of stronger telescope which works in coherence with different adaptive technologies able to find similar 100 solar systems around the universe and their more discoveries to follow in future. This is about showing show the rear of ideas of how big the universe is and how many planets there is inside every solar systems. All of these extra solar planets which are discovered using the largest telescope show us some imagery of ideas of whether life is a genuine possibility there or not.

Probably in most times, we have a tendency to get that some of these extra solar planets are either very larger than the biggest planet in our solar system or smaller than the smallest planet in our solar system. Most of these extra solar planets orbits close to their sun which removes wilder possibilities of imagination of creation or existence of possible life there. Many scientists believe that such determination of distances from within specified limits of telescoping angle traversing through obscuring atmosphere of the earth surface is vague and most times we are not are a good position to determine distances of extra solar planets from telescoping viewing angles. What it intended to suggest that there are huge possibilities of the existence of life in these plants as most times the signal and the radiation emerging out from these far away extra solar planets tend to suggest there are some forms of life out there. 

Exploration and discoveries are key areas of growth of society: 

It is right that we are now familiar with our limitations in space exploration. Foremost it is wiser to overboard and draw out new frontier of technologies to wipe out these endemic limitations which augment risks arising out of possibilities of deeper space exploration. It is a great idea to arrange possible latent logistics and transportation burden as well as remote medical facilities in case of imminent urgency in future space missions. It is of utmost important to envisage the point that preparation of future space exploration guides the way for constant and vigorous space journeys and it removes uncertainties and road blocks from within different corridors of visionary ideas. It not only widens the spectrum of thinking but also creates more intensive thoughtful progresses in terms of security profiles of nations so much so that the more farsighted the space ideas go the more and more nearer to complete entire success of space findings becomes. There are more cynic criticisms who always ask why I should go to space when there are more problems on earth than in space.

It is a good question which justifies that living with a reasonable mindset and in a healthy living style always going to be the most difficult part of life but that does not give permission for us to think beyond and reach to some outer planets in order find extreme solace and gatherings of important information about evolution of life. Space exploration brings some new innovations and discoveries which cover the most brilliant aspect of restorative sciences. Curing and diagnosis of critical diseases are performed through various space technologies. Most of times usability part of space exploration come about obstructing alien asteroids from colliding with moving space shuttles. It is most usable and this creates ample ideas of protecting the earth from collision from other extra terrestrial planets. Recently, due to achievement of diligent scientific community, one asteroid is successfully removed from falling into manned surface of earth and all these become a possibility due to advancement of space technology and enabling scientists to prepare ground to prevent sudden burst of attacks emanating from different sources of universe. 

Molecular nanotechnology: 

From among all possible challenges to build and create newer technologies for creating the latest build space shuttle which can withstand different changing climates all around universe through some tangible and innovative built. One such much discussed and accepted mechanisms that are mostly capable to withstand such alien challenges is in the form of molecular nanotechnology. It is a new concept and many astrophysics are continuing to rely on this technology in order to make a strongest capability space build in order to succeed in this vision of conquering the entire universe. While travelling the universe there is no such thing as the source of failures as in most of times one has to remember that the entire space voyage must be endured and succeed in such a way that no other parts of the universe are going to be left unraveled. Molecular nanotechnology is the next build system for sophisticated nanotechnology that has extreme capabilities to create and build a space shuttle in complete atomic precision. It has most vital potential progress to create a framework of challenges through the application of space systems through automated design of molecular components. 

It leads to a secondary stage of construction and building of a space shuttle that relates with the system of molecular fabrication system in order to design and construct end product of space systems. Molecular nanotechnology (MN) is a system which creates inner capabilities of the material system to create end products that are light in weight and ability to withstand attacks from the huge temperature. MN is the most vibrant and strongest material not affected from different changing climatic situations occurring from time to time during possible space voyages. It is the most vibrant form of creation of DNA like in humans where complete generation of artificial intelligence (AI) where one can profoundly make such materials where the end product can automatically synchronize with changing environmental establishment confronted during space voyages. It is a continuous process and more and more early development and analysis need to be resolved and slowly it is going to be the perfect endurance system that is going to be the end product of a space shuttle. It is a challenge to create such end product while considering the entire nature of discrete component design which multiplying the challenges put before us and makes differentiate molecular component design. 

The pathway design: 

The pathway design part is the most difficult completion project while completing molecular component design. There is not any flexibility in design in the segment of pathway design as in this case each fragment is divided into trajectories of different synthetic reaction. It provides an additional pathway to different experimental work to differentiate the reaction as well as relational pathway which work in a dual manner and it relates to mostly millions of atoms while considering every aspect of formulation of molecular component reactions within each pathway systems. After creation of a pathway system still mostly the end product is not suitable for complete useable form for the space shuttle. It is then run through different mechanic-synthesis units which support core functions. This leads to the further creation of hardware elements consisting of ultimate validated experimentation which creates more systems related to fabrication of exterior design of the space shuttle. In this segment of complete molecular machinery comes into action. Constituents of creating such end products become stronger than that of the base of diamonds materials. 

Diamond is perceivable strongest material to withstand exterior designing of space shuttle. While so called space voyage the most designing part bears to construction of exteriors of the space shuttle. Applying exteriors to diamond related materials is going to be not affordable even for the richest nations of the world who are pursuing these sorts of space programs. That is the reason why consideration of designing materials based on molecular nanotechnology surfaces. Ultimately, scientists found that the end product of molecular nanotechnology is stronger and durable than the end products probably build from diamonds. Further, there is one more addition to these in the form of, addition of artificial intelligence which is surely form one of the most vibrant and possibly one such automated synchronized materials that is going to guide space travelers while removing loneliness in the unending saga of space flights. It is the robust project which needs careful attention from developers at most times so far research has not profoundly found the real timeline development of this product but careful consideration can lead to building the perfect end product of molecular nanotechnology. 

How to build a mass less space shuttle? 

Major concerns from major space journey lead to creation of large number of parasite elements while space shuttle travel and traverse through the entire space. We can be unable to determine what sort of parasites and toxic materials are present everywhere when the space journey is on. Exteriors made of molecular nanotechnology can withstand any sort of attacks from parasites bacteria, by using such materials it can start linear accelerator inside exteriors of the space shuttle and can reduce weight of the space shuttle to 98 percentages of its original sizes. It reduces tension structures of entire space shuttle while it is inside space and this reduces its weights and that is going to help the space shuttle run through voids with different tensions of ongoing solar systems.

Due to sudden drop of its weight with the arrival of parasite bacteria from space, mass of space shuttle reduces to almost zero and in this way gravitational powers of different solar systems does not impact heavily on space shuttle and this leads to complete control of space shuttle from earth as well as from astronauts from within that space shuttle. This leads to complete the change of velocity which controls inner strength of the space shuttle and remove all possible distracting tension elements that profoundly influence working of the space shuttle while crossing different solar systems. In reality, we are blinded by the fact that apart from the gravitational powers of our own solar systems we are completely blinded from different gravitational powers of different solar systems. In that manner a mass of zero can negate all such powers and this can be achieved only if such mass less object is created. 


Molecular nanotechnology in fact creates initial space shuttle in the size of heavier than the current set of the space shuttle. The magic of end product developed from molecular technology is that mass of such space shuttle becomes nearer to zero when it comes into space and comes into attacks from different invisible bacteria elements. In the space everywhere such elements are there and for this end product develops from such elements can lead to a completely light space shuttle which mass is zero at that point of space inside universe but its mass to gravitational power to earth settles with the same weight when the space shuttle launches from base stations from earth.

Most of scientific communities unites on the concept of creating comprehensive molecular nanotechnology with a dynamic concept of artificial technology that will change to a different mass structure considering mass of gravitational powers of solar systems and balancing that gravitation powers with that of gravitational powers of earth. It is important to the basic mass of the space shuttle remains same as that of the earth in order to always stay connected with basic systems from ground stations. The most difficult part of a space journey is the factor of weight which becomes a challenging proposing to most astrophysicists. 

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