There is nothing like balancing energy, I feel. Energies are additive. They interfere, and thus return back to the same state as they were before. A state is said to be balanced, if despite any perturbations, it returns back to the same state as the previous state. In that sense, radiations do retain their state.

If Dark Energy exists as claimed my many modern scientists then possibly we can have a form of negative Light and Darkness won’t be merely absence of light, but a form of energy in itself.

It will be like, where ever this form of energy falls, we can’t see them anymore but, I know, because even if Dark Energy exists, it’s hard to have Negative Light as, light is a subset of its mother. The Electromagnetic Wave and if you consider the vibrations in the Electric and Magnetic fields, the Electromagnetic takes into account both the negative as well as the positive Electromagnetic fields so, dark no room for any more variations and only one kind of light. It’s the Identity element in the set of energies.

Because dark matter and dark energy can be the explanation for negative light or negative energy. in fact scientists are thinking that dark matter can give answers to many questions like how the hollow universe is balancing and why is it not moving apart so rapidly, the way it should normally.

If light is a particle, then it is supposed to be made of photons which have no mass, no charge and they are simply the discrete carriers of the energy and energy being negative in case of light is not a convincing idea.



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