Kids love Macdonalds, Pizza’s, ice cream, chicken and other food, but when it comes to Vegetables, sometimes they pull faces and we just can’t get them to eat up. In most situations, it’s the last thing left on their plates.

So, here are some tips to get them eating that nutritious Vegetable.



  • Mix - Cut the vegetables up into small pieces or dice them. Cook them with the food.  Example, Bolognese sauce and stir fries. It looks better than standing out, by the side of their plates. Aternatively, slice and  mix it with their favourite fruit.


  • Smoothy - Make a smoothy out of vegetables. You could blend carrots with broccoli and add just a very tiny bit of sugar.


  • Gravy - Kids love Gravy.  You could smother all the vegetables in gravy sauce.


  • Rewards – Give them rewards. If they finish eating their vegetable they can have chocolate or a little bit of pocket money, for their Piggy bank.


  • Talk to them - explain how it will help them. You could even tell stories on how vegetables make their super heroes strong. (If you are in the UK, the Green Giant Corn Advert is superb and encourages kids to eat vegetable).


  • No Dessert – which child wouldn’t like an ice cream, cake or their favourite dessert after eating? Well, it could simply be a case of: “No eating  of Vegetable – No dessert”.


  • Praise – give them praise when they eat it.  Tell them how good and wonderful they are or how proud you are of them etc.. Every kid wants to please mum and dad.

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