Great for the complexion. Another super recipe from my aunt. I love the spicy fragrance of this one.


Rose hips, kasturi Manjal, Sandalwood, Mung bean, Vetiver: Dried in the sun and powdered to make an excellent face remedy. Especially after an oil bath, the skin is really velvety


Home Made - Hair oil


1. Scrape three full coconuts, extract milk from the same. Boil this coconut milk with karavapillai leaves.


2. Fresh henna leaves, hibiscus leaves, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, jasmine flowers, lemon juice, one-cup mendiam soaked.


Grind and dry the above in the sun along with nellikai podi.


3. One cup nalla ennai, one cup castor oil, one cup coconut oil.


Boil in an iron pot along with the mixture in 1 and 2. The oil will change color. Keep stirring till it leaves a "nai chanddi" type of residue.


Store in a bottle and keep it in the sun for a day. This oil has stopped hair loss, dandruff and even helped pre mature graying in many people.


The only other substitute from the shop is the Neelibringadi oil from Arya Vaidyasaala.


I have heard that inhaling drops of "Anu thailam" can prevent hair graying and loss!! Need to confirm on this. I know inhalation of "Anu thailam" is used well to treat sinusitis. But need to check its effect on the prevention hair graying and loss (definitely it cannot reverse graying and loss


Buy "kachooraadi gulika (tablet)" Roast it in a frying pan for a few minutes till it becomes brittle.. Just roll the chapati kozhavi over it to get the powder. Apply it on your "nerukai" some 5-6 times a day during the initial stages of cold. Top it with mulagu kashayam and see how fast you recover! Kachooradi podi can be substituted with rasnadi podi.. Both are available in aryavaidya sala. The advince on kachooraadi is that we make it fresh from the tablet which has much more effect.

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