The following report highlights the findings of a motivational survey done on a small group of close friends of mine. I have confined the survey to my friends as it would provide me with some genuinity.  The report is as follows:

3 from the 10 respondents have said that they are motivated by their own parents and they always try to achieve what their parents could do in their professional as well as personal workspace. They are very proud of their parents’ way of managing all the problems in life, both professional and personal. A supportive balance in their life is what motivates them to do their best and achieve happiness .

2 from the other 7 respondents have admitted that they get inspired from watching movies and reading books or novels. The “be always positive” sensation in many good movies such as “Lakshya” and “Sarfarosh” make them much wanted to the youth and warms their blood. Moreover these movies raise the level of patriotism and society in the viewers. The respondents mentioned above are always seen very much active and always against the odds.

2 other from the left 5 respondents say that they get motivated from the real-life happenings seen by them. They get inspired by the great personalities such as APJ Abdul Kalam and Swami Vivekanand. The respondents saying so are seen very hardworking and sincere. A large extent of self-discipline is seen in them and they are always balanced in their actions. They always feel that they have come in this world to fulfil some great task.

The remaining three respondents said that there is not any such motivating factors in their life. The respondents saying so are seen very unbalanced and unpredictable in their behaviour. Their curricular record is also not so good and most of the time they are seen roaming unnecessarily. They seem to have no goal in their lives.
The findings indicate that a large number of youth today is aimless and so unhappy with their achievements. The motivating factors can bring a lot of change in their lives.

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