Hello friends and Readers of this article.

Everybody must have heard about global warming and Green house effect ,due to global warming the heat has increased drastically which result droughts in so many areas and this is the main reason of dying of so many people and animal.

And due to global warming the sea level is increasing and all people and animal are suffering from excess heat .so I think if we do not start doing something then our next generation will unableto sustain for a long with this environment.

so we all should start wok from today to save the world.

But there is an question in every body's mind that what is my role and responsibilities towards environment safety.

Lets do these small things :-

1-plant trees near by your home.

2-try to reduce use of your personal  vehicle.

3-Use public transport.

4-Do easy recharge for your mobile instead of coupon recharge.

5-Use your debit card for shoping instead of Cash.

etc and I need some more points to be added from the reader of this article

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