Green Forest


Our earth is our home. We are living happy on this land. We are doing damage atmosphere with our own hands. More changes coming in atmosphere. This is very bad to us.

Environmental scientists tell us that every part of the earth is in some way networked or linked with the other. When we cut down trees on mountainside, we cause landslides and floods. If we poison our rivers, we poison the oceans. Polluting the air over our cities pollutes the air everywhere. Burning fossil fuels and releasing chemicals atmosphere cause Global warming and makes holes in the protective ozone layer high above us.

The earth is our only home. Yet we poison the ground that gives us food, the waters that quench our thirst, and the air that gives us life. There are many ways in which our greed and indifference are harming our environment. The climate is changing and temperatures are rising. As the deserts grow, the oceans rise. The ice in the polar seas has grown 40 per cent thinner in just a few decades. All this extra water is flooding into the oceans. Many of the world’s low-lying areas are in danger of being swamped.

What is the solution?

We need to remember the age –old tradition of `bhuta yagna’- caring for our living earth- mentioned in Manu’s Dharma Shastra, which urges all human beings to perform five great services every day. We need to remind ourselves of how our forefathers revered the `panchabhutas’ or the five elements – air, water, fire, earth, and space.

We need to revive the spirit behind some of the things we do so mechanically these days. For instance, did you stop to think about why we draw `kolams’ or `ramgolis’ with wheat and rice flour at our doorsteps? They are not merely for beauty, but also to feed the insects each morning!

Traditional wisdom must give us the will to change and science must show us the way. We must remember that the earth, our only home, is a paradise for all living beings.


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