Money is important for all of us as we know . Once money get spent then it cannot come back same like time which one spent cannot be brought back. As most of the parts of the world are suffering recession the importance of money and saving of money has increased. If money is saved then it can also be used to clear off the previous debts. You may have to give up some of your wishes to save money but its for your betterment and your better future. As we know saving for future is must. Now lets see some of the easy ways to save money. 1.Spend less money on telephone,electricity etc to reduce the bills -  One of the best way to save your money may be to reduce the expenses on electricity, telephone etc. These expenses are regular and at the end of the month the bill of such kind of different expenses need to be paid . If the bill is of less amount then huge amount of money can be saved easily. People dont think about the money spent on the phone and keep on  talking on the phone which increases their bill. This should be avoided to save the expenses. The lights , fans etc should be kept off when they are not in use. 2. Use public transport more instead of using personal vehicles - Using personal vehicles like bikes, cars etc may proove costly as compared to using public transport like bus and train. The amount spent on personal vehicles will be high as their will be money spent on petrol and maintenance both. One needs to pay only for the ticket while travelling in public transport. Thus lot of money can be saved by travelling in public transport. 3.Avoid eating outside in restaurants or 5star hotels - People love to eat outside in restaurants as the food is spicy and tasty. But one can try to avoid it as eating home made food is much better for health and it also helps in saving the heavy expenditure done by eating in big restaurants. 4. Buy things like clothes, books etc on discount - One of the easy way to save money may be to buy things on discount. Most often their are many stores who offer discount on clothes just to clear off the stock or during festivals just to increase sells. Books can be taken from library to study or their are some shops which put their stamp on the book and when we return the book half of the money spent on the book is returned back. 5. Compare the prices in other shops before buying any product- Some people buy things on the go without thinking. If they like the product they would not compare the prices charged by other shops and will buy it within some minutes which is wrong as money once spent cannot come back. It may happen that after you buy a certain product you may come to know that the same product was available at lower price in another store and then you may feel bad. So dont make this mistake and compare the price charged by the other shops for the same product. This are some of top ways by which expenses can be reduced and lot of money can be saved. This money can be use for other expenses, invested in some thing or may be just saved in bank for future.

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