Parkinson's disease is, a disease of human body; but do you know, of which type? Well, it comes under category of neuro-degenrative type disease, in list of various human diseases. You may ask that I already told you that it is of which kind; but, how to identify its victim? Or because of what reason, it is classified under such kind? Well, it is classified under such kind because of kind of aliments, happening in its sufferer's human body.

But, what are those aliments or in other words, what is symptomatology of Parkinson's Disease; with which, you can easily identify, whether you are its victim or not? Well that symptomatology, is given below, one by one-

1) Trembling of hands- It is very marked feature of Parkinson's disease. And this is, such a symptom that you can notice, even at rest. Yes, try to keep your hands still for 1 minute; if they remain still, its good sign. But, if they show sign of trembling, in this 1 minute; continuously and no stillness, noticed just for a second; then I am sorry to say, you are victim of Parkinson's disease.

2) Trembling of head- Yes, if your head keep on shaking, without reason even at rest; then, this sign is called trembling of head. I am sorry to say, if you have this sign; then you are suffering, from Parkinson's sign.

3) Stooped body posture- If you have habit of bending your head or upper body and that in such way that it make 90 degree angle with body trunk; then, you are under list of patients, of Parkinson's disease.

4) Small steps- One more sign with which, you can identify a Parkinson's patient and that is, habit of taking very small steps, while walking. So, if you this habit; then you are its victim, but, if you do not have such habit; then there is nothing to worry.

5) 5th sign and that is, very marked feature of Parkinson's disease and that is, patient is slow. What does mean by, patient is slow? It means, patient is known for doing, his or her every work very slowly; whether it is walking, eating, doing any task; his or her speed is markedly slow, performance wise. Reaction to every stimulation, comes markedly very late. If you are such a slow person, known for such slowness; then I am sorry to say that you are its victim

6) Yes, it is often noticed, among Parkinson's disease victim that they mostly have, complaint of drooling of saliva, while sleeping and some have difficulty in falling sleep, too and mostly visit OPD, for treatment of their insomnia.

7) Nervousness, stage fear is also noticed, among its Victim; and if you are victim of Parkinson's disease; then you will have trembling of hands or legs, during performance of stage tasks and even noticed; when performing nothing.

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