Processed or red meat can cause cancer

I wanted to laugh aloud but I managed not to when I saw one of my close friends and next door neighbor entering into at a fast food restaurant in our local market. I only nodded and moved to the shop to bring milk, cheese and butter my wife had asked me to bring. Let me make it clear it’s her routine job shopping for all this stuff but she is suffering from cold so I had to do this.

Actually the friend whom I saw entering into the fast food center with his wife was talking big and made a resolution never to eat fast food in 2015 on New Year Eve. I saw him today but you never know if he managed to keep his resolution even for a week, but today he was there. I think it’s the flavor of fast food that attracts people to such places. It’s really so hard to resist your favorite food even if you know it is going to make adverse effects on your health.

Honestly speaking, I don’t blame him but feel that people habitual of eating fast food cannot get rid of this habit when they see their favorite dishes. I am not talking here about people who have strong willpower but most of them do not fall in that category. My friend found it hard to keep his resolution less than a week.

Junk food is dangerous- Really? 

We often hear or read that junk food is dangerous or something that warrants serious consideration. Someone says that a consumption of a particular food can make you sick you might even suffer from cancer or a particular food can make you a patient of Alzheimer or a heart patient. And why blame others even I have written a lot of such articles on different sites including this one.  Many people have full faith in all these reports and give up eating different food items merely reading their bad effects and my wife is one of them. Every new report makes her believe that she is suffering from that particular disease and she gives up that food item and with her I am deprived of that item on auto basis. 

Jokes apart, many people give up so many items just because they are made to believe that eating that will make patients of particular diseases. The latest food item in news is processed meat or red meat which can cause cancer if used. In fact we in India have very few consumers of processed or canned meat because we love eating chicken or fish but in the western world they cannot even imagine living without such food which does not include red meat. Since red meat is their daily diet so the western world is showing lot of concern ever since this report has surfaced. 

Now, let us put it this way. The meat causes cancer, sugar gives you diabetes and if you use artificial sweeteners there are still chances of cancer, and wheat is reason of celiac disease, a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food.  What is left now, the rice which is a sure way of obesity and sugar to some extent and of course milk may contain oxytocin. What is more? The cold drinks, lesser said the better because cold drinks can make you sick beyond any cure. And now the latest reports that even the small intake of all these things is bad for your health. 

Breaking News in top news papers and television 

The new reports by top scientists revealed that eating red meat cause bowel cancer. Fine, they made a study and found it out but how many people they conducted their studies on? Or did they test them thoroughly for cancer before they began their experiments?  There are so many questions which come to mind but there are no answers. Isn’t it better to use your own decision instead of believing on everything the scientists or the researchers keep adding every day?  

These scientists seem to believe that they have found the real reason why eating red meat increase the chances of bowel cancer. So have done many other scientists who think the world is at the verge of extenuation if their findings are not believed. Bowl cancer is not a common cancer anyway and even if a person eats red meat or processed meat on daily basis the chances of him suffer from cancer increase merely at one percent or so. Let me make the facts straight that the chances of people suffering from multiple diseases is many times more by pollution or even the increasing age. The funniest part of this report is that these scientists do not suggest giving up eating these meats totally.

The average age is increasing

On the contrary the fact is that average age of the humans has increased and health has improved despite all the odds and the fact that all these reports are based on limited statistics more like our election surveys which have not much truth in them but based on sample surveys taking in account the opinion of maybe less than 001% voters. People should know what is good or bad for their health based on their own studies as there is no better judge about their health or no one knows better than people themselves on individual basis. 

Sometime people follow others based on their beliefs or the sayings which have no scientific base. The latest example is the controversy regarding Maggie the two minutes noodles which was said to have contained monosodium glutamate (MSG) or Ajinomoto which is not as dangerous as projected in controversial topics. The same opinion goes for eggs and ghee or butter which were considered good for health are now considered health risk for heart related problems and advised to give up if you wish to lead a healthy life. But there is a big number of dietitians and doctors which suggest that eating these items is not harmful for your health so you are the best judge in such a case.  

Actually speaking the human has always been living in situations where he had to face the health related challenges and the situation in present time is not new for him. The human finds something in his favor while some others might go against him. I do not say that we should take risks knowingly but let’s have some faith in our resistance system too. Let us decide on individual basis what is good and what is bad for our health. If we try to evade more than necessary then we shall be the loser and then there is another question comes to mind that when there is no safety for us in any field then why go for so many restrictions on food? Why not decide on case basis rather than making an item taboo overnight.  

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