Monsoon care
Monsoon is around the corner in our parts of the country although this may have hit some of the other places already. While this season brings a different atmosphere along with it, it may bring a couple of problems as well. Therefore, this is advisable to remain prepared to face the possible situations and have the fun of the rainy season in a better way. Leakage and moisture are the main problems, which make our lives miserable in rainy season, therefore be well prepared to face them. You know forewarned is forearmed so get ready to face them well in advance.


Here are some tips, which should keep you ready to face these problems without damaging your costly household items:
1- Never let the rainwater into your house because you can wipe it out while it enters but the moisture harms your costly items, which stays for a long time.
2- Always use monsoon proof windowsills with slopes, these help water go down easily and keep your houses safe. You must use especially made doorsills those prevent water to seep inside your house through under the doors.
3- Keep a watch on your roofs from inside the home to make sure that there is no leakage of water also, see to it that there no hole developed on your rooftop.
4- If you find any cracks or leakage use Plaster Of Paris to fill it- up to prevent water from seeping in. White cement will also solve the problem for you.
5- If you have a problem of seepage or leakage on a bigger scale you must take the help of experts those are available specifically for this purpose. Termite is another problem that comes with moisture so take care.
6- Save your wooden and iron doors from water, get them painted with good quality base paints along with anti moisture quoting to save them from damages.
7- To keep moisture away from the houses a good ventilation system is must especially that allows crossing the air through, check that your ventilation system is up to the matching needs.
8- Termite is a product of rainy season mostly when it spreads too fast in your house. Take special care to check for the same because once this problem gets hold in your house this gives a lot of problem and makes big damages.
9- If you love to have plants in side, your house, replace them with plastic flowers in rainy season to avoid some problems caused by insects etc as the get attracted to real flowers easily.
10- If you have wooden flooring in your home this is safe to have it polished before rainy season to avoid termite - that is one of the easiest prey of the insects.
11- Fungus is another problem that makes life tough in rainy season, watch-out for the same.
12- See to it that all your important papers kept safe in waterproof cases or plastic bags as loss of papers due to dampness may cause trouble for you.
13- Keep some Neem leaves in your cupboard that may protect your clothes etc from silverfish or fish moth, which is a small wingless insect found generally in every house during rainy seasons.
14- Generator is one important instrument for almost every household these days because we face frequent power cuts in most places. We must take special care to keep your generator safe from water and moisture also ask for a professional support in case you find any unusual sound etc which could be due to technical reasons. A regular maintenance of your generator is must during rainy season. Keep special care to see that water logging is not taking place around the generator.
15- Keep a close watch on your electrical appliances.
16- Have a thorough check-up of your electric wiring that can cause a serious trouble. Have joints checked properly to avoid short circuit etc. Have a proper earthling of your electrical line that saves from lightning as well. A different fuse for every board is a good option besides a miniature circuit breaker
17- If you have a swimming pool around your house or you use one see to it that this is getting a regular cleaning and change of water as prescribed. If water not changed frequently, you are an easy target of various water born diseases. Mosquitoes and insects easily gather around water therefore needs a regular change.
18- You generally face a big problem due to your wet clothes in rainy season because during rains you cannot spread them out of your house in open areas. Spreading them inside the house is the only alternative, which creates a common problem of stink of moisture. I suggest you to use tumble drier to help dry your clothes fast and keep smell of moisture away.
19- Use naphtha balls or menthe balls, which are very effective in keeping moisture away and smell good.
20- Clove is another spice that is available in every house that is good keeping your clothes safe and from fowl smells.
21- Keep your beddings and clothes in sunlight to safeguard them from moisture.
22- Select your footwear according to need of the rainy season. Waterproof shoes are available in the market to keep your feet safe.
23- Electricity supply fails frequently during rainy seasons because of open supply wires therefore be prepared with emergency lights etc.
24- If you are living in apartments or societies where lifts are used, see to it that your apartment’s management is taking proper care to maintain it. Motors and moving parts must remain in proper working condition to keep pressure off from electrical fittings.
25- Check your floor tiles for loose fittings especially bathroom tiles not left loose which are one of the main sources of cockroaches etc. Get your roof fixed with waterproof quoting to safeguard from leakage.
26- Loose leaves, papers and other dust particles etc block the drainage system easily that blocks proper outlet of water and cause serious problem of water logging on the roof. Take care and keep your drainage system clean.
27- Houses become soiled and bacteria infected during monsoon therefore this is must to have your house serviced by pest controlled to be safe from diseases. Keep your house especially neat and clean during rainy time.
28- Drinking water is another issue that needs your attention during rainy season, check your water filter properly and have filters etc changed.
29- Take proper care of your carpets in rainy season because carpets not only catch the moisture sooner but soiled feet make them dirty as well therefore this is better to keep them safe rolled in plastic sheets. Wet or moisture filled carpets are source of bacteria and fowl smells in rainy season
30- Stop entry of soiled footwear inside your home that would save lot of troubles cleaning and your house would remain dried and clean.
31- In case you must use carpets in your home, try machine-made acrylic carpets, which are easy to clean and dry.
32- Use see-through curtains those make it possible to cross air easily and moisture dried away easily.
33- Use monsoon to develop you garden and make surroundings greener. Keep your plants trim and dry as the natural moisture keep them enough watered.
34- Do not forget to keep your indoor plants in open areas for some time to let them freshened up naturally.
35- Change some of the decoration pieces with bright colored pieces to change the look of the house to deal with the dullness that black clouds bring with them.
36- I am sure no one wants to have his house painted in this season but just in case you are planning to go for painting your house never use white or any other light colors. That would make your house look dull.
37- Stop using coolers with water. You can use them without water, as water would increase moisture level to give you feelings of uneasiness. Use of AC must be restricted in emergency only.
38- If walls of your house have become wet using aluminum foils would solve the problem up to some extent. Never let the problem increase and consult a professional.

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