There is an idea of going to gym running through the brain of every person at least once in lifetime.


Becoming a millionaire (if possible, without hitting or blow), linking the boy/more handsome/a high school, learning English (no doubt the recurrent desire of all the principles of the year), gym (go does not mean just paying the share)

And this is where I'd last longer affect, how many have preconceived ideas of such sites? "Met our expectations? Is there life beyond the weights and the mesh of "Lycra"? Try to allay all doubts.

Then there comes a time when you do not buckle his pants that you have so much love and notes that the refrigerator was empty as if you were living at home the whole team of Russian gymnasts is time to think about to get regime and do some sport.

Certainly no need to join a gym to burn fat but the point is to do outside is more difficult (even dangerous).

Stuff you just buying into the "shopping channel" that is so useless as bulky (who has used more than twice in a row an electrical stimulator raise your hand), you end up selling the bike that will not be at home, the amount of pollution if you happen to swallow jogging (not to mention the bites of dogs) ... in short.

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You just compensating for the fact release a monthly fee and go religiously to the torture center where you can become a gym (or choose pleasures if you know the routines).

And what I choose?

Choose the one with more space or equipment, but I recommend that is closest to your home. Try that distance is not an excuse for sport (the body has just become more vague than the dresser of a porn movie).

Once targeted to the gym, and bought several sets of clothing (remember that if you sweat smells), turn to go first. Do not worry, you're more lost than a priest in the parade, Gay Pride Day.

It's normal. Should talk with monitors to choose the best routine to start toning your body.

Basically there are two: aerobic exercise to burn fat without gaining excessive muscle thinning (prepares the shoes), or guide your way to exercising the muscles gain weight and physical strength (no doubt Schwarzenegger chose the latter).

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Once selected exercises touches implement them, always taking into account your lack of experience.

Usually normal to want to play with the machines and their weights (especially if you go with friends or your partner) but, unless you want to spend the next few days as motionless as a wax figure thanks to your shoelaces, not to abstain beyond what is indicated by the monitors.

Think they know what they do most rookies have handled an Army. We have all had bad shot of the laces but once we remember few have fallen behind. And the sugar water is a scam (besides ugly).

Once you have taken experience with exercise training plays explore the rest of the gym.

Depending on the extent and quality we can find from the same pool, sauna or Jacuzzi until squash courts and solarium. In addition to aerobic classes, yoga, spinning or Pilates (even many more, nearly all ending in "ing").

They are a great complement to the exercise machines or weights as they tend to be more fun, add variety to exercise.


Sauna laps in the pool may be the best way to end a stressful day (eye, does not avoid the shower), some squash games invite camaraderie, aerobics classes are an attractive incentive if you're a guy (if you overcome the shame to be the only guy among such women) ... And I would highlight in particular: the sauna.

Never in your life you have felt as relaxed as after a session in the sauna (even that you think you can not compare). Behind her, and a cold shower later, we can say that the day was worth it.

If the above facts I have not yet persuaded to sign up to a gym can read the following points:

Although the amount you think face also think about what you save by not being at home: shower water, electricity, television ... and beers at the bar.

You'll end up making friends. The people in the gym with weights not only dreams.

You can even find a partner. And in gyms usually have good stuff.

Caps fall after exercise better. And without commitment of guilt.

Think that gives pride to say that going to the gym. There is always someone who will tell you he does not notice.

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It's a great way to kill boredom. Making sport fun. At least prevents you think of anything else.

And the biggest advantage of all: you will feel much better both physically and mentally. Increased self-esteem, better physical background ... The human being is created to move not to stay in a chair-raising buttock (and those accompanying him uncomfortable rolls).

Do sports but do not go to a gym. And if you join do not settle just to be noted: you have to go regularly. The centers are lined with the people who pay no go. Would not you want to be another of those cousins?

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