Content writing is an important thing nowadays, where you can find the websites.  Many of the websites pay you if you have good command over writing English. If you go to google search, and type online jobs for content writing, there you can find enormous number of jobs.  But content writing is not an easy job.  You need to have a flair of writing, command over grammar and language and finally interest and zeal to write.

Since this is getting significance, we need to think of it and develop skills how to write content.  Before that we also should know how we can get ideas for writing the content.

WEB: Web is a good source for you get content.  I do not mean to say to you to copy the content from web.  There are number of websites in the world on various topics.  If you want any information on any subject they give you vast information.  So gather that information for your chosen subject and go through.  Adding the information you want to tell or you know about the subject will increase the length of the matter.  If you have no idea on any matter, originality will be missed and it will not look as new to the readers, where the prime objective of content, readability with interest would be missed.

BOOKS: Another source is books.  On any subject, you can refer books and attain knowledge.  Thereafter, you can write content on that subject.  Every author is definitely a good reader, because reading makes you more creative.  Your imaginary power will be increased through reading and new ideas will be generated through reading.

NEWSPAPERS: Earlier, newspapers used to present  yesterday's new only, but today, this print media is giving a wide variety of information on various subjects.  If you like any subject, you can cut that article or item and gather some more information till you get yourself digested entire subject.  On understanding well, you can write on your own and this also a very good source for content.

TELEVISION: Take your remote and watch as many as channels you can.  Every channel may not be like another.  May be having same theme but the presentation would be different.  You have to learn this only first, to write content on any subject.  So many people say so many things and many of them will be common.  But for you if you want to tell the same, if must be in your own style.  So tuning the various channels also give you many ideas and you can develop a small event or incident on any news channel or any scene from a movie or a soap opera, to a big subject, of course it needs your ability to expand and express.

YOUR PROFESSION: In your profession, you come across many events or problems.  Of your colleagues, there may be a different person.  In your office there may happen, a funny incident.  Your boss may scold you or you may scold your subordinate.  All these incidents definitely give you many ideas.  Try to convert any idea to a good content.  If possible take a scribbling pad and briefly note the main points.

YOUR STUDIES: Your qualification also fetches you very good amount of content.  Suppose if you are an MBA, you know about Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management and so on.  On all these subjects, you would have good knowledge.  If you were asked to explain on these subjects to any new person, you would definitely repeat the same matter which is in your text books.  Like that, you also can write content on any subject from your degree or post graduation.

Let me conclude with one important suggestion.  Do not copy any matter as creativity is the essence of any content.  So read more and more your would sharpen your creative power and that only helps you to generate yourself more ideas and therefrom much more content!

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