Whoever who loves tablet, for them its the big good news. Google's has Launched his Tablet 'Nexus 7'. This Google's 7 Inch Tablet will come in this month(July) in the Market. It is still not decided, but roamer are there, that it will come in July. This tablet is Android Based and Asus is given the responsibility to make the improve version of it. The Market price of this Tablet could be nearly 200$ i.e approximately 11,000 Rupees. In the month of June, there has been a Shipment of 6,00,000 Tablets. The Processor could be of Quad-Core chip and the OS is 4.0 Android on which all the Applications will be based.

          It was told that this Tablet of Google will be Launched in May month,but due to its Design, the lauching was extended. It is told that Google's Engineer were trying to reduce the hardware cost of the Tablet. This Tablet has 7 inch Display area, which is good for the Tablet users. This Tablet Could give a tough Competition to Apple's ipad, Amazon's Kindle Fire and Samsung's Galaxy. From Google's Play Store, users could but this Tablet.


            In this new Nexus, Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad- Core Processor is there. Android 4.0 Sandwich Icecream Operating System is there.1GB of Ram is there. 5MP Camera, Front Camera and Back Camera is like to present. 3G Facility will be there and as 4G is also going to come in the Market very soon in the World,so 4G connectivity is also given. Wi-Fi is also available .


           In India, this could take time to come in the Indian Market. Sources tells that it could be in Indian Market till September to October. It would be intersting to see how the Indian Buyers see this Tablet. This tablet is little less costly then other Tablet and Google is first time entered in the Tablet Industry, and as Google would had made this Tablet in looking at its Competiting Tablets like Apple's ipad, Galaxy etc., So, the sources tells that this Tablet could make a Difference. Lets see how this Tablet attracts all in coming months.

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