Tips for webmaster and all people interested in the topic of SEO, Internet advertising and online marketing.

1. Register your own domain website with webspace included. These domains are cheap and worth the investment anyway. Free solutions as domains without webspace or web page inside of an offer of free webspace, it will not help long term.

2. Choose the domain name more representative for your company or your bid.

3. If your domain name consists of several words and one of them is an important key word, separate words with a hyphen.


4. Keywords in the domain are useful. But do not forget that the domain name not only have to impress the search engines, but also their customers. Therefore, do not ridicule your domain name, but choose a sensible name.


5. If the domain name is your personal name, depending esthetics. Names are easy to best writing together. If your name ends with a vowel and your last name begins with a vowel or the boundary between first and last name is unclear, a script is more favorable.

6. Once you have chosen your domain name, place their contents only under that name and only promotes that domain. External links also have to point only to that name. Do not register more domains with important keywords. That costs money and brings no benefit.

Identical content under different domains do not bring any advantage. Google recognizes easily contained double and filters the results. In addition, having more than one domain with the same content, links to distribute their content disadvantageous to the different domains. Much better to be with a single domain within the top 3 results that have 20 domains in the depths of Google.

7. If for reasons of trademark protection is necessary to register other domains to any competitor's can register these domains must have the same content as the primary domain, but visitors only have to be forwarded to the primary domain.

8. If you register a domain, for example for a special project and need the domain only in a few months, it makes sense to upload an index page and place in link to it from another website. This way Google can now find the new domain and it begins to age. Google does not like the new domains ("Google Sandbox"), therefore we must begin to age as soon as possible domains.

9. Decide whether to use your domain with or without www .. If you want to promote your domain also in print, use your domain with the www. because consumers are accustomed to read the entire domain (

Once you have decided to install a forwarding address to the other through. Htaccess file. Promote and link it at the same address so as not to spread and reduce the PageRank of the domain.

10. For the same reason you should always link to the domain "empty" and never the file index.

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