Printers and Monitors are two of the most common output devices used with the computer.
A monitor provides a soft copy of our results, where as the printer is used to get a Hard copy of our results.

Following are Types of printer. Each with their benfits & drawbacks.


Dot matrix printers are bit image type of printers. These printers form charachters and images by placing pattern of dots on the paper by stricking inked with a number of small pins.

Advantages :

Dot Matrix printer are inexpencive.

Small in size.

Light Weight.

Versatile.That is, it can produce graph, charts & even pictures.

Ribbon cartridges can be re-ink or refilled at very cheap price.

Disadvantages :

These are light duty printers. Cannot be used continuously for more than one hour.

Quality is not so good.

Generates Noise.

Requires more servicing.

Inkjet Printer :

Inkjet printers are bit image, produce character shape and images by spray ink from tiny nozzles into the paper.

Advantages :

Silent in operation.

High quality output.

Support color printing.

High Speed

Disadvantages :

Cost is high as copared to Dot-Matrix.

It requires periodic maintenance.

Ink cartridge are costly than ribbon.

Requires special quality paper of best quality

Laser Printer :

Laser printers are becoming very popular as high end printer because of its exceptionally clear and sharp images.

Advantages :

High quality printing.

Speed is High

Silent in operation.

Supports text and graphics

Disadvantages :

Cost is more.

Coatof toner is high.

Expart person requires for maintenance.







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