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A report by the global Environment Facility of the UNDP on India's Coal Bed Methane (CBM) extraction potential states. "It is estimated that India is the largest Coal producer in the world, there are around 20,000 Sq.Km of area where CBM capture could be carried out and that the country's recoverable reserves of methane are 800 billion cubic metres, with a gas production potential of 105 million cubic metres a day over 20 years". Compare this with Saudi Arabia's daily production of oil stands at 9.5 mill barrel per day!!

The reality is that many undeveloped and develop nations have similar sources of alternative energy; yet fail to see the potential . If most of the major metropolitan cities turn to CNG as the standard fuel for all public transport systems and private vehicles. It would reduce the oil demand significantly.

While billions of dollars are being spend in most nations for construction of highways, a fraction of similar investments for the creation of mass rapid, rail road transport system running on gas( not gasoline, but hydrogen based gas) would not just drastically reduce the need for fuel oil, but would also help in creating a cleaner environment.

India's natural gas production is stated to touch nearly 170 million standard cubic meters per day by 2011-2012.So when natural gas and vehicles, when an Iran or Russia based pipeline can meet the rest of the demand, why is such a price rise paranoia????

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