Today's Modern world is a world of advertisements and publicity. A tough competition exists in every business. So, advertisments are essential for every business. It acts like a window for business.

The companies and manufacturers get manifold benefits from the advertisements. They enable the people to know about the various products that are manufactured and put to sale everyday.

In this century, who attracts the people, get more benefit. Many good products will remain unknown, if no advertisements are given. That is why a bulk amount of money is spent on advertisements.

Television and radio gets first place to reach common people. Between scenes of teleserials and hit songs, many advertisements telecasted. Some televisions get more benefit from advertisements at prime times.

Technical people and younger generation using internet as a part and parcel of their life. They attracted by advertisements shown in websites.

The aim advertisement is good business. If advertisement's scenes are genuine and stimulates some good thoughts such as helping tendency, sacrifice, hard work, that is good. For example, one Detergent powder company's advertisements showing the scene, one boy make his cloth dirt for changing the sad mind of other people.

Some advertisements are vulgar and vulnerable to  business ethics. Television is the first friend for every child. Vulgar advertisements should ban for saving kid's mind. Two health drink companies shown their opponent company's brand and treated it as bad brand. It is not supported by business ethics.

There are numerous ways to advertise a product. One of them and the cheapest mean is the newspaper. If an employer wants to fill in a vacancy, he resorts to a newspaper. Many youngsters who seeking for jobs, beleive the first source is newspapers. Internet is another option for people who knows basic technical knowledge.

The government too advertises for tenders and for jobs. Educational institutions also advertise in newspaper  about admissions. Besides these kind of advertisements, cinema advertisements are a regular feature of almost every good newspapers. This advertisements makes the newspapers colourful too.


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