I am writing article about this site.

I have got paid from this site for first time.

I can not say this is India's one of the best site because this is the actual best site for On line job seekers.

This is www.boddunan.com

I joined this site just 1 month before and I started posting articles and referring my friends to join this site and with in 15 days by spending half an hour everyday I reach at Rs1010 and their minimum pay out is Rs1000.

So my name come in recent payment list and after 10 Days I got my cheque.

I was not thinking I will get paid so soon.

Friends rs1010 is not a big amount but it gives me so much happiness just because with in 15 days I got chance to Earn rs1000 which I can used to pay my Internet bill.

I have unlimied free Internet plan which cost me around Rs900 per month and I earn Rs1000 with in 15 days from this site.

So I can say that I amusing free Internet at home.

SO friends join this site try to write good articles .but it should be self written instead of copy paste from other site.

And see how you are improving your writing skill and also you get some pocket money for that.

Have fun at this site Earn money and get chance to learn something.


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