A beginner’s way to Internet business

Most important part of Internet business is 'Internet marketing' which is a good place to start building your Internet business empire. In simple language, you don’t need to have a product of your own. Select a domain and merchant of your choice out of 100s of merchants available on the Internet who have a product ready to be sold.

Having a product does not necessarily mean they also have right skill set to sell it on internet as marketing on internet is completely different than the real world where you have to go from door to door and may have to face rejections. Unlike all this on web, you can sit at the comfort of your home or Internet cafe and just communicate with thousands of potential customers at a time. Can you see how Internet has not only made things easier but has increased your reach incredibly?

What you get in return is a percentage of the sale or lead (will talk about 'lead' later). Lets talk about the initial investment and risks now, there aren’t any? Believe me and that makes it a great place to start learning basics of business management.

More on Internet marketing and its dangers, yes you heard it right “dangers”, there are dangers with every temptation.

Now, there are numerous ways of making money on the net.

You may notice I said 'Internet marketing' and not 'Internet selling. Even if you hate selling you must know how to find market for your skills.

Moreover, if you are passionate about a subject and would like to share it with others you can start your E-Zine, there are a lot of publishers who would publish and distribute your E-Zine to their subscriber list for free.

Now where is the money? If people like what you have then you would have a queue of advertisers wanting to place an ad on your E-Zine.

And they are willing to pay you for it?

An E-zine can be a daily, weekly, or monthly one to two-page document depending upon your capabilities.

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