The Title is the Name of the Movie which i am about to say It is my Number 1 movie for me . I have seen t more than 10 times but still the Number goes on

The movie is about a Family where you know in a family there would be problems and functions and relatives and many more so in this movie there will be a 2 brothers the younger one name is "peddaoda" and smaller one name is "chinnoda" This movie was shooted in the region of Andhra Pradesh in India It was released in 2013 and this is my 2 movie in my total life i remember i was 9 years my 2 movie is this only 

So these 2 brothers and in their family they also a cousin sister and their own sister who is studying in ankapalli and these brothers father is a farmer where he doesnt do farming but he controlls his lands and gives money to the needy you will enjoy seeing this movie if u know the telugu language . The house is located in Relangi of Andhra Pradesh . So This is movie contains a lot of songs which are very very very good and the nature of that village and the culture is amazing you cant you can resist to go there In total Andhra Pradesh the same nature it is close to heart and hard to say about it . So the Background Music is created by David Simon thanks a lot to him everybody of this movie appreciated him after Movie got released and In this movie the younger one is Venkatesh and the smaller one is Mahesh Babu one of the famous and super actors of south India and the heroines are samantha , anjali and the popular Prakash Raj , Jayasudha , Abhinaya , Rao Ramesh , Kota Srinivas rao , and Tanikella Bharani , Aahuti prasad and many more .  

The movie starts with their Mother waking up the cousin sister to do work because her own daughter is studying in ankapalli whereas this cousin sister dont ahve parents they have died when she ( cousin sister) 3 year old so she helps the brothers mom you can say that she is also a daughter for her . These brothers Mother seen her like their own daughter from when their parents died . so these brothers roam with their friends in their locality and the younger one goes to job of their relatives to at starting of the movie the company started removing the employees because they needed english employees so the owner of that company is a relative to younger one very close so he went and asked are u going to remove me or keep me in the office he told something else that all are learning but you are lagging back so listen when the owner of this company told this the younger one got anger and scolded him although he ( the owner of the company) is a relative to him but scolded him and left it 

If you know about the Krishna and Arjuna in Mahabharata the same way these both were in this movie the younger one and the smaller one they are so close that they can't stay without seeing each other once in a day . This movie got hit mainly because of this both and the culture and the nature where they shooted this Movie believe me this movie is so close to my heart that everytime i see this movie i cry a lot because i am also having cousin brother not own but we are same 

and starting it self the movie contains song about these both brothers and the smaller one  is doing nothing in this movie at starting and he roams with the friends and.... I will continue this movie on the part 2 of this movie 


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