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I think contest is going to get over. It is nice to see 20 different captions. lets wait for the results. am bumping this thread so that some new members can post new captions.

sorry if am wrong.
The deadline is approaching very fast and let's see which one wins it!
Hi All,
Please post your entries by 10 july 2010 midnight. and winner will be declared on Sunday 11 july 2010.

-Atul B
Hello Friends..

He who left to take part in this contest.. are invited for the same for dropping their entries. This contest will be closed today midnight and results will be announced tomorrow as stated by Atul.

So, try this opportunity, those who left, time is running fastly.


Aastha Gupta
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Hello All,

The competition for this contest was very very hard, A very good response for the first caption contest was seen. There were total of 20 entries, all were very good and it was very difficult for me to decide, who did the best..

As I have to select the winners, so here are the winners.

WINNER: Deepti
CAPTION: Though I strike 12 daily, I move on eternally.

RUNNER: Sridevi
CAPTION: Fear at midnight.

Congratulations Deepti and Sridevi!!

Members eligible for 15 points each..

Deepti, Meean, Sridevi, Atul, Swetha, Jobin, Abid, Kumaresh, Sajeetharan, Amit Warkari, Rajani K, Chinmoymukherjee, Santosh Kumar Singh, Jasmeet Singh, Rashmi, Neetu Jain, Kalyani Nandurkar, Chetana, Vijay Aggarwal, Karthikeyan.

I am very pleased to see the competition and the creativity among other members.
All the Best for the next time to all others..
I will be back with new one on Monday.

Guys, When you will congratulate the winners, please give a small feedback for the contest, so that I will bring more for you.


Aastha Gupta
@Aastha, you have done a great job of conducting the first Caption contest!! I must it is a very creative idea and it really got all our creative juices flowing!!

Many Heartiest Congratulations to both Deepti and Sridevi!!! Your captions were too good!!! :) :woohoo: :) :woohoo: :)

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- W. C. Fields :)

Thanks Kalyani.

Hi Aastha.. The caption contest is great, but I think here too we can have 1 or 2 points for each of the participants.
My warm congrats to Deepti and Sridevi!
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