Hello Friends,

I would like to list the winners of every week collectively. Here is the list for the first week.


15th January 2010 - vivekm
16th January 2010 - Lohit seth
17th January 2010 - Dharanidharan

Congratulations to all the winners. I hope the moderator would have credited the points by this time.

I thank all of you for your good support, interest and active participation in this contest.

To enable all users to win this contest, i have decided the following:

From tomorrow onwards i would like to post the contest in different time everyday as all members are not visiting boddunan at the same time. Some may check in morning, some in afternoon and some in night. So to make all members participate and win in this contest and also to increase the visits to boddunan website, i wish to do this.

Expecting your active participation in the future contests !!!

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Congratulation to the winners.Meean, one more request.When you list the winners please include the word of that day and the time taken to post first correct reply also so that we can analyse the difficulty level.

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That's a good idea. Will do that from next week. Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks for accepting the suggestion.Remember to keep track of the contests of every day since the earlier may go far behind within two or three days.

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I congratulate all the winners for winning the contest. But some members are always online. They will definitely win at what time the contest is posted..

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Definitely they should be rewarded.That is why this contest runs at different times.

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Congratulations to all the Winners :) :)

Vijay U
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