The Dictator in Making 

Whenever I read North Korean dictator threatening South Korea and America with atomic weapons I feel like laughing aloud although this is not a matter of laughing. The way Kim Jong-un leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea talks and keeps threatening superpowers shows that they live in a world of fantasy with couple of atomic weapons.

There is no doubt about the fact that North Korea is a threat to the world and the way the leader of DPR Korea keeps repeating his threats of atomic attacks on America and South Korea there is any country that would support them. Even China, the hard core supporter of North Korea is now keeping a distance from hostile statements by North Korea dictator and even started criticizing some of the statements and act in recent times. 

China supported recent sanctions by UNO on North Korea even after having said that they did not believe blind faith in sanctions and pressure, which in their views are not a right approach for the future of the Korean peninsula according to China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi. But that was probably against the combined move of the US and South Korean plans to deploy an anti missile in South Korea.

It is highly unlikely that China would stop support to the sanctions imposed by UN on North Korea that China will stop its support to North Korea. There is no doubt about the fact that China and North Korea have strong relation but the Chinese are reconsidering their approach especially after the growing dispute in the international community over the issues of North Korea's nuclear weapons. 

China has its own reasons to support North Korea as it strongly believes that if there is a change of power in North Korea it will not only effect the Korean region but will have its impact on entire Asian pacific region that will have indirect impact or weaken Chinese grip on the region.

North Korea and Atomic Policy

I don’t think anyone was surprised when the news of North Korean hydrogen bomb explosion hit the headlines of world media. The North Korea has already conducted 4 such tests since 2006 and firmly maintaining their stand on atomic research policy. The government of North Korea has been constantly saying that it will not compromise on atomic policies for more than 10 years and also that there is no power in the world that can stop it from carrying out further tests. 

The North Koreans are committed to their promise made to themselves to not to hand over their atomic weapons “Even if the sky falls down”. That means they will do what they have been doing for last one decade you like it or hate it. The powers that be at most can ban them but that will not change the situation much for North Korea as they are not dependent on foreign trade. There is no doubt about North Korea is less with atomic power but super powers will never accept this fact. 

It may sound astounding to rest of the world but if we see it with North Korean point of view they are probably looking at what happened to Iraq and Libya and their intentions are to remain safe from invasion on their territory by the foreign forces. As the things stand today we should accept the fact that North Korea is a country with atomic power and they are not going to take their steps back. 

The ban on them can at most affect the living style of few people with higher standard or very poor but that makes very little impact on thinking of the rulers.  Probably the dictators of North Korea do not want to see themselves in the place of Saddam Husain or Muammar Gaddafi so bomb is the perfect hiding for them.  But let us not forget that North Korea was first country that signed atomic treaty but on one condition- there should be global cleanout of all atomic weapons.  

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