Technology is touching our lives in almost all aspects. Gone are the days of visiting banks and shops now technology brings everything close to us through the internet. Even when I say internet, there is a huge plethora of things, websites, networks etc internet refers to, but today I will like to talk about twitter. 

Twitter is a social networking forum for sharing short messages called tweets. One of the very gluing factor that I felt was the celebrities and those whom we look up to (those who are active on twitter) they actually read the message you send and many a times even reply to it. For a die-hard AB junior fan that I am, can you just imagine how I would feel if he actually replied back a message I send him? Oh…!!! It’s a cloud nine feeling and only twitter can make it possible.

Now everything comes at price. We get to post to the celebrities and they reply to the common people, supposedly fans. But there are so many others who use the platform in the wrong way just to vent out their frustration and anger. Sometimes when these “tweets” are from famous people they are likely to create a wrong impact on the readers. Like very recently, Ms Shobha De, the renowned write had tweeted that our athletes are in Rio just to take selfies (and not to win medals). Well, that is so gross to say the least. But given the online freedom this platform provides us she was thrashed left and right for her comments. There are times and instances when people tend to forget that the person we are tweeting about is an individual with family and friends. And the comments that we are posting are public and free for all to read. 

But please do not think that this online world is ugly, it has its advantages as well. The best and the most recent eg would be our very own minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj, who is another very active twitter member. Recently a new married husband posted a picture of himself alone on his honeymoon flight because his wife had lost her passport to Ms Swaraj. She immediately tweeted back that she will make sure that his wife there with him on the next seat. And also promised to get her a new passport within a day. 

Hence all technologies have a good and bad side to it. It is up to us to choose which path we wish to tread.

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