Twitter, the social networking or blogging website has revamped it webpage and has complete new look.

The page has revamped starting from the home page sign up screen to member profile page.  Now when you go to the sign up page, as before you will not see the signup box, you will also view a search bar, and 20+ popular website/topics on the home page.  Twitter is not longer only about updating your friends or being a global place for events.  It has moved a step further and it is now "Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world".

Twitter states on its blog that a new user will be able to identify the changes that they have reflected on the webpage.  However, an old user will need to logout and login back to see the update pages.  From a social networking site, twitter has turned into a new kind of communication and a valuable source for exchange of information.

Twitter began it journey in 2006 with a small project. Now Twitter one of the most succesful social networking, communication and good for beginner who would like to know what is social networking and work on it.  Twitter is in process of developing more and more applications which will help it build ane provide it member more functionality with new growing social networking on the web.  Twitter now has about 25 million visitor visiting their website.

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