Parents are the persons who live for our sake in this world. They give birth and there after they spend their entire lifetime in shaping our lives. They provide all happiness and sophistication to us. They take up with all the problems and face it up themselves. They provide all basic amenities to make life and they provide education which is the greatest gift. They spent their entire efforts for our wellness. They sacrifice their enjoyment and provide us all what we need. But what do we provide them in return. Have we ever thought of it? there are many children who so not feel their responsibility and feel that their parents are of no use. They disrespect them and disobey them. They do not provide the basic respect also. But this is not the right thing to be done. Every child must understand their responsibility and give their parents the utost happiness and satisfaction.

The first ever return that we need to give our parents is to provide them with the utmost respect. We must talk to them with all manners and reverence. That is the first duty that we need to perform. otherwise the nextduty is to make them proud in the society of people. That can eb accomplished by our excellence in education and also by excellence in some field of study. Some children may like music and they will have more talent in the music related field. Then they can make their parents proud by achieving big things in music.

Try to spend ore time with your parents and get to know what they like. They might have some dreams which they expect their children to satisfy. We must get to know what they are and we must work towards fulfilling them. That will be the realization of their dreams. They will feel extremely happy and satisfied over that. They have certain principles to follow on theor life. When we also try to follow those principles then we will be able to make them happy.

Try to develop good habits like punctuality, sincereity and kindness. When they realize you have all these habits then they will fee very happy. Try to save the pocket monet that they provide you and try to get some gifts for their birthdays or anniversaries. They will feel like the entire world has bloomed. All these small things which express love make life vey big in all means. Thus make parents happy. Thus family will be happy and all of them can be happy.

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