I know corruption is everywhere

but where there is an extremacy

in the selling of the conscience of men,

there is problem

righteousness goes downhill,

when cedis or dollars or pounds

my fall into the palms of wolves

to achieve freedom of some kind


This is the deceit of money

the extreme lust of financial freedom

catalyses greed in the eyes of many

which narrows them an abuse of pride


There shall be no repentance in these schemes,

like I said, wolves in the shadow of Africa,

fangs of injustice,

biting innocence and spiting the venom

of social degradation into the system,

there is financial death,

a lame will say, poverty


My duty is to say the truth loud and clear

with the microphone of literature,

but like they say money is the root of all evil,

poverty has choked many into unrighteousness,

so bribery is the next option

to gain some oxygen,

I call it an economic gasp for air,

that it all it is.

                              By Kakraba Afful

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