My grand father lives in a village. My father took me to the village to0 visit him. We travelled by train up to the nearest railway station. From the station, we took an auto rickshaw to go to the village. The road was Kutcha. It was quite dusty. I cloud see green fields on both sides of the road. I saw men and women working in the field in the fields. I saw many bullock carts on the road.

My father told that the villagers grow many crops in the fields. Some villagers grow vegetables and fruits in their fields. I realized for the first time that it s the people in the village who grow food grains for us. They are very hard-working people. If they stop growing food grains, we shall not give anything to eat.

When we entered the village, I saw many small huts mud houses. The auto rickshaw stopped in front of a big house. My grandparents were waiting outside the house. They were very happy to see me there.

We freshened up and then had some food. In the evening, my grand mother took me around the village. There was a small primary school. There was also a small heath center. Women were drawing water from the well. Every house had some cows or buffaloes.

I stayed there for one week and made many friends. I saw how they milk the cows and the buffaloes. I played with the goats. I enjoyed the greenery, fresh air and the company of the domestic animals. I really enjoyed my stay in the village.

A very large part of our population lives in the villages. Most of them are farmers. They grow food grains like rice, wheat, barley, Jowar and bajra. They also grow cotton and pulses. The vegetables which we eat everyday, come from the villages. Farmers also grow fruits.

Most of the people in a village live in mud houses. They keep animals such as cows, buffaloes, oxen, goats and horses. Village life is different from city life. Many people in the villagers are still poor. They do not have proper drinking water facilities. They draw water from the wells. Village roads are Kutcha. There are many villages where electricity has not reached. All villages do not have medical facilities.

A village has and a library. Gram Panchayat looks after the village. Gram Panchayat takes care of the cleanliness of the village, water supply and village roads. Gram Panchayat runs the school and the medical center.





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