Mosque is the place of worship of the Muslims. The Muslims celebrate Id.

Muslim has to say `Namaz’ five times in a day.

Muslims observe `Roza’ in the scared month of Ramzan. In this month they feel these holy days, pray for Allah. This is the month when angle appeared before Mohammed for the first time. Mohammed laid great on fast.

In the time of Namaz time by his face towards scared `Kaaba’.

The quraysh and the prophet

When Prophet Muhammad was spreading Islam and reaching the message of love, some tribes, like the Quraysh were against him. They named him Mudhammam, the condemned one. The meaning of the prophet’s real name Muhammad was 1the praiseworthy one’ and since the Quraysh didn’t want to honor Muhammad, they heaped abuse on him by calling him Mudhammam.

This was undoubtedly intended to hurt and humiliate him but Prophet Muhammad replied simply and positively. He said, `Since they abused the one called Mudhammam, their abuse did not fall on me my name is Muhammad, not Mudhammam.

Islam like other religions has its own philosophy and principles. But this philosophy has never been a topic of discussion. Quran contains all that was revealed to Mohammed by angle Gabriel.

It cannot be said with certainty which part of Quran was written during Muhammad’s life time. But the fact remains that Quran contains such descriptions and images which resemble those found in the bible. Adam, Ismail, Abraham, Joseph and Solomon, etc are the characters found in the bible also.

What Mohammad got as a message from god is contained in Quran. God ordered Muhammad to read it itself and ask other men to do so. Quran is God’s words preached through Muhammad’s mouth. Quran is Abu-Bakr’s compilation of Muhammad’s preaching, which he did one year after Muhammad’s death.

Hadies is the compilation of the sayings of Muhammad and his immediate disciples.

It is said that the war of succession started even before Muhammad died. After his death his followers were divided into camps. One of them wanted that the succession should go to one of Muhammad’s relatives because Muhammad had revealed to Ali certain things of `Quran’ which were not included in the Quran. They were called Shias. The second camp believed that whatever Muhammad had to say on the strength of his divine intuition, was included in the Quran. Therefore his closest friends were to be his successors. They were called `Sunnis’.

Besides this twofold division, some others sects and traditions emerged in Islam in due course of time. But one thing is clear that the speed with which Islam spread in the world was unprecedented.




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