If you plan to have sex, the most recommended thing is to use condoms, the most effective are those containing spermicide and you can find brands like Durex at any pharmacy worldwide.

If you are using condoms correctly during sexual intercourse, then you do not have to worry about other methods to prevent pregnancy.

Also if your partner may want to choose to use a hormonal method of contraception such as birth control pills or patches that are completely safe without condom use.

birth control pills or patches

Birth Control Pills:

The birth control pills or contraceptive pills are very easy to use, the tablets are regularly taken in the following way:

When they are taken on the first day of menstrual bleeding is when you take the first pill of the box and at the same daily time is taken for 21 days, to complete the 21 tablet box or spend 7 days are left without taking 29 pills a day and starts a new box, during those 7 days (one week) is expected to reach the new bleeding and even this has not stopped for the day 29 or day 1 of a new cycle, you have to start taking the pills for a new box.

The first month of use of birth control pills need to use a barrier method of contraception such as condoms, because the woman's body needs this month to adjust to the pills that contain chemicals and is completely protected against pregnancy.

If for some reason needed to take medication, you should take one hour before or one hour after intake of contraceptives. From there the most common: Yasmin, Microgynon 21 or 28, Ovral, Novial. But it is always advisable to visit a doctor to prescribe you pills that will better your body and health.


Birth control patch:

The patch works by releasing hormones through the skin, is equal or even better than taking a pill effectiveness rate of 99%. When will be used for the first time you have to Apply the first patch on the day you start your menstrual bleeding, and since leaving for a week until the next day the following week, when you going to remove and then put a new, the following week to follow the same routine and the second patch is removed for now the third. After the third week you'll remove the third patch and go to rest without any patch Apply one week, this is the week of rest in which the new period has to go. At the end of 29 days or the fifth week is beginning to apply a new patch and a new box every month.

That is, if your bleeding starts a Monday, then that day is the first patch removes the following Monday you apply this patch and the second, and the Monday following the second patch is removed and becomes the third, fourth Monday The third patch is removed and allowed to rest this week, so that when you apply again next Monday, a patch of a new box.

having sex

You can have sex the day you want as long as you use condoms to avoid pregnancy, and even I recommend that during the first month of using the patch or the pill also use condoms because the female body that takes months to adjust to the hormones.

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