Bottle Gourd or Lauki is one of the best vegetables we have from our mother nature but it is pity that lots of kid in India do not like to eat it. There are so many good effects of eating Lauki some of them are giving below:

1. It cures the many disorders of our body which occurs because of our bad eating habits like Jaundice, Inflammation of Kidney and even Toothaches.

2. In summers a glassful of fresh Bottle Gourd juice in the mornig empty stomach can prevent your from the heat stroke and also controls all the problems related to gas. It also controls the Hyper acidity.

3. The veggie soothes the body's nervous system and helps you relax. It also treats epi;epsy,indigestion and ulcers.

4. It also cures constipation.

5. Paste of Bottle Gourd will give you instant relief from rashes also.

6. The juice of bottle Gourd will also solve the premature hair greying if you take it early in the morning.

So you see that It is a Boon for all of us.


Simple Tips when you Buy Bottle Gourd

1. Always choose small size lauki instead of the larger ones becuase there are less chances that the smaller one grows with the help of injections.

2. Do not buy very green and smooth surface lauki.

Some Receipes which are liked by every one

1. You can make Halwa of Lauki as it is very tasty and your children will eat it surely.

2. Make Lauki Kofta's instead of making simple subzi of lauki.

3. You can also make Lauki Channa dal this is also very tasty and liked by all


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