Pregnancy is the most important period of a women’s life and it brings several changes in the physiology of the body. A number of discomforts accompany these stages. Some of the common discomforts and their remedies are discussed below:

  • Morning sickness: Vomiting occurs usually immediately after the women gets up in the morning. It may occur at other times also. Vomiting of food several times a day causes malnutrition in her. A woman who suffers morning sickness should be advised to take one or two dry biscuits or a piece of dry toast, as soon as she wakes up. If this simple treatment is not successful she should be advised to take several small meals instead if three larger ones
  • Heart-burn: Heart burns are common symptoms in pregnancy. This is due to irritation of the lower end of esophagus. The condition may be relieved by the administration of alkalis. Taking antacids and milk may relive this condition.
  • Backache: It is an extremely common symptom I pregnancy. It is due to the changes in posture because of the advancement in pregnancy. The woman who suffers from this may advised to take rest and physiotherapy.
  • Leg cramps: During the last three months many women complain of cramps in the calf muscle of the legs. Taking calcium tablets may relieve this condition
  • Constipation: Plenty of fruits, vegetables and fluids may relieve this condition. Green leafy vegetables must also be taken. If it persists, a mild laxative may help.
  • Varicose veins: Towards later months of pregnancy many women develop varicose veins. In this condition the veins enlarge and protrude out of the skin. It usually occurs in the legs. Wearing elastic stockings and keeping the leg in a propped-up position will relieve this condition.
  • Hemorrhoids: It is varicose veins of the rectum. When they become enlarged, they protrude and are apt to bleed, itch or hurt. Reducing the intake of low fiber foods like bread, biscuit will give good relief.
  • Shortness of breath: During the last weeks of pregnancy, the women attempts to do heavy work. She may feel difficulty in breathing.
  • Insomnia: This refers to the absence of sleep. The mother is unable to sleep because of the growing size of the baby inside her. A bath and a hot drink at bed time or a good walk may help her to get sleep.
  • Swollen ankles and leg: This condition may be due to the presence of albumin urea. Consuming a salt-free diet may help. If edema (swelling) persists, a doctor should be consulted. This may be an initial stage of a complicated condition called the toxemia of pregnancy.


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