Actually the food (vegetables, fruits, granules etc) which we take daily will give sufficient energy and keep our body to perform its action very well. Food is useful to our body in 3 ways. They are for building our body, giving energy to the body and for proper working of the body. Food and water are the main things are required for our body to work. For sending out the waste material from our body, we need acids which are available through other food material. In some food we get more nutrients and in some food we get fewer nutrients. So we should neglect any food item. We should think about what we are eating and how much we are eating. When all foods and tastes are added then only complete food will be prepared. Some food material may protect our eyes and some food may give energy to our body. So among them there are 7 varieties s of food which are good for the heart. Let us know about them in detail.

Leafy vegetables

The leafy vegetables and vegetables which are green in color like spinach, Fenugreek leaves etc contains vitamin – B, Calcium and niacin are available in huge amount in them. These help our blood cells not to get close. These vitamins are much available in the fruits like berries and the fruits which are sour in taste.


Fiber, proteins, minerals are very essential for heart and these are much available in wheat. It helps us in clearing the fat which is very harmful for heart. Fibers send the fat outside of our body. The food materials like oats, barley are also contained fibers which are very important.


There are many uses of Garlic. The oxidants present in it are very good for heart.  It helps in avoiding bad fat which is very harmful for the heart. These are very good for the blood circulation channels. These should be used in all varieties of food, and then the food will be tasty and very healthy for the heart. 


Vitamins, Minerals and Iron are available in Apple in. Even Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin a, b, c are available in huge quantity in it. These are very good for the nerves which deliver blood to the heart. As apple contains less glycemic so diabetes patients can also have it.


The omega 3 fatty acids present in fishes are very helpful for the nerves for good blood circulation. Therefore, it is very healthy for us. These improve our immune system. These improve the fat which is good for our health. This is very much necessary for us as it takes care of not to have blood clots in our body.

Milk products

Milk and Milk products contain fatty acids. Anti – oxidants and polyphenols are also available in huge quantity. The reduces the blood pressure in the channels which deliver the blood. It even cures the heart problems.

Olive Oil

The Monounsaturated present in Olive Oil reduces the bad fat in our body. The anti – oxidants are much available in huge quantity in it and these help the heart to work properly. These even cure heart problems also.

11 things for a healthy heart:

  1. Have healthy food daily: The food which includes fruits and vegetables are the best food for our use. But it is not good to use saturated oils. The food which contains more salt should be avoided. 
  2. Be active: Performing exercises, walking, moving for half an hour. These are very good for heart and paralysis patients. 
  3. Be away from tobacco: People who have smoking habit, if they quit this habit for year then most of the heart problems will go away. If they quit for ever then there will be more risk for their heart.
  4. Healthy weight: When you reduce your weight, then reduce having salt also. Then high blood pressure also controls as high blood pressure is the main cause of heart problems and paralysis.
  5. Know the number of your health: Numbers of health means, everyone should know how much blood pressure should be maintained, how much of sugar levels should be maintained. Changes in our body. To know about all this, we should consult our family doctor. We should follow a correct plan for the health of the heart. 
  6. Alcohol is Dangerous: The people who have more alcohol, there is change of getting obesity. Their blood pressure also increases. If they want to be healthy then they should quit drinking. But quitting drinking suddenly is not at all good for healthy. They should quit slowly by reducing the quantity of alcohol. 
  7. Smoking : Quit smoking, but don’t quit smoking suddenly. Quit slowly. A person who does not smoke should take care that they should not inhale the smoke of the people who are smoking. Because, the normal person will get more health problems compared to the smoker.
  8. Physical stress: You should include the physical stress in our daily works. That means cycling, climbing steps and walking. It is good have fresh air by walking outside like open place, garden, terrace etc. Try to practice stretching exercises twice a day for 5 minutes. All these are good for your health.
  9. Psychological stress:  Psychological stress is not a direct cause for heart attack and paralysis. But due to psychological stress, people get addicted to smoking, alcohol and they eat whatever they feel which can ‘spoil their health. All these can cause heart attacks.
  10. Outside food: The food which we eat outside, we should choose healthy food. We should have any kind of food in canteens and hotels.
  11. You should prefer the snacks which contain less fat. Try to avoid having the food which is fried, fast food like burger and pizza. These are not good for health as they are high calorie and more fat content. Instead of them it is good to have the fruits, fresh vegetables, rice which contains carbohydrates, Pasta, and bread. Try to have less calorie drinks.

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