Money and health 

It is a very popular statement that health is wealth. This means that nothing is more precious than health. But health is wealth even in real sense. This is relatable to money and wealth.  

Healthy habits keep doctor away

A sick person needs to visit doctor very frequently. But if you eat healthy and nutritious food, regularly wash yourself and maintain cleanliness, exercise regularly, you will not need a doctor. Thus, you will be saving on expenses on doctor and medicines.

Health and employment  

Good health will enable you to be in good mood. You will not need absence from your job on health ground. Quite often, salary for leave period is deducted from salary. Your efficiency will increase. This will ensure enhancement in your job prospects and regular salary. Your health will also allow you to work overtime and perform better. The performance based salary will add to your income. 

Health and relations 

An individual in bad health is often in bad mood. Such individual will get irritated even on small matters. He will quarel unnecessarily with family, neighbor, office colleaugues. This may lead to bad prospects in employment and thereby eventually reduce income by way of denied promotion and other benefits. Also, he may get involved in police and court cases and have to spend in defending himself. On the other hand, a healthy person will be always happy and ignore small matters. He will be respected by all.  This will elevate his social status which has also affect directly or indirectly on finance.  Persons with good health and gay mood are preferred as politicians, social workers and in religious bodies. All this affects financial position. Such individual can more easily collect donations for religious and charitable bodies. even if he indulges in corruption, people will have sympathy with him for his good healthy and pleasant personality, cooperation and good gestures.

Health and insurance

Insurance companies get health check before giving an insurance policy. A person in bad health will have to pay more premium. The mediclaim policies exclude the diseases existing at the time of taking policy. This is also a financial loss for bad health and consequently a premium on bad health.

Health and marriage

Although dowry system is bad, a healthy individual will be entitled to better bride and more dowry. The bride's parents know that he will have good prospects in employment and social life. Thus a healthy person has better valuation in marriage market.  

Retirement benefits- commutation of pension  

A sick person may have to retire prematuredly on health ground. If he decides to commute a portion of his pension, some years will be added to his actual age owing to bad health. This will result in lower commutation value that will be paid to him in lump sum. This is clearly a loss for bad health. 


In short, good health improves prospects in employment, marriage market, political/social/religious activities, imporoves relations. Thus, a healthy individual is not only happier but also more money. He spends less on medicines, medical advice, litigation, needless travel and so on. Clearly, health is wealth. 

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