Do unto others

There are many people in this world.

There is much type of people in this world, difference characters are their.

Some are polder than you.

Some are friends.

Some are strangers.

But there is certain way of behaving with people. It is good to learn this form childhood.

For instance, you must respect your elders, even if they are strangers. If someone is younger than you, you must show love and consideration. Threat your friends with love and respect.

Try not turning your back on older people. Stand up straight you speak to them. It is clumsy to lean against a chair or table when talking to someone. It is polite to offer your seat to someone who does not have a chair to sit in.

Don’t poke your nose into older people’s discussions. Of course, you can express your opinion, but only if someone asks for it.

Allow elders to enter the room first. Don’t try to push your way in. but you can open the door for them if it is shut. It is an Indian tradition to touch the feet of elders. It is a gain of respect to them.


Treat your little brothers and sisters wit love and care. That way, they will listen to you and respect you. Sometimes, if you are harsh with them, they can feel hurt.

We need lots of friends. We play with them. We share our secrets with them. If your friend has told you a secret, try to keep the matter to yourself. Don’t go running to tell it Bhasker or Veena or Gordon. Your friend trusts you. That is why he has opened his heart to you. You must respect that trust and keep it.

You don’t have to be formal with friends, but you must be polite. Some people go to other people’s homes and throw about books and toys, run up and down making a din. This is simply bad behavior. Never, never forget the golden words ``please’’ and ``than you’’. They are so easy to say. Use them whenever you can.

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