Conversation depends upon a person’s age position and status. That is why we must speak to elders with respect, no matter who they may be. Even the words we choose to use to must reflect the respect we feel for others. This also reveals a lot about the background of yr family.

Al living beings communicate through symbols, but man engages in conversation. Therefore, it is important to know to make a conversation. It is an essential of good manners.

Conversation is the art of talking, go that people are attracted to you and they want to speak to you. If you don’t know how to speak to people, people many not even like to talk to you.

The first, step then, is the voice, it must soft, gentle and sweet, if you talk loudly, angrily or harshly, nobody will come to you.

You must have often come across people who are very talkative. They talk so much that they don’t let others have any chance to talk. They love the sound of their own voice. Naturally, they have neither the time nor the interest to listen to another person.

This is no way to make conversation, you must talk. But it is equally, if not always but sometimes important to listen. Conversation is a two-way traffic. It involves talking and listening.

Just because you talk more, it does not mean that others are listening. It does not mean that you have a greater influence. May be, you are just boring the listeners. You must not monopolize conversation and make it a one-man show.

Speak carefully and correctly. Speak without dragging in unnecessary topics. Do not go on talking about your own self and your situations and circumstances. These are some important aspects of conversation. If you know how to start and make a conversation, you will never be short of friends. You will never have to wait to be introduced to anybody. You will be able to make friends by your self.

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